One more year, the long-awaited night of the Goya Awards, the most important event of Spanish cinema. This 2024, from the platform Rural Getaway have selected some charming locations where three of the films with the most nominations in this year’s edition have been filmed.

“These destinations offer a closer look at the beauty and authenticity of these rural corners that have inspired filmmakers and viewers alike”explains Judith Monmany, communications manager at EscapadaRural. From picturesque towns to majestic natural landscapes, these destinations have witnessed creativity and cinematic storytelling.

The snow society: Sierra Nevada

Sierra Nevada National Park in Granada
Sierra Nevada National Park in Granada

It’s been a little over a month since the new film directed by Juan Antonio Bayona premiered in theaters. The film tells the story of crash of plane 571 of the Uruguayan Air Force that the members of a rugby team and other passengers experienced on October 13, 1972 in the Andes. After 72 days living in the midst of the extreme conditions of the mountain, 16 people left there alive.

Filming set in Matamata.

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He Sierra Nevada National Park was the setting chosen to recreate The Snow Society. It is one of the favorite destinations for lovers of skiing and winter getaways, since during the coldest months the Granada mountains turn white, leaving impressive postcard images.

20,000 species of bees: Basque Country

Town of Llodio, in Álava.
Town of Llodio, in Álava.

20,000 species of beeshas been shot entirely in the Basque Country. The production tells the story of eight-year-old Cocó, who does not fit into the expectations of others. Everyone he knows insists on calling him Aitor, a name by which he does not identify himself. Her mother, in the midst of a moment of personal and professional crisis, decides to go on vacation to her mother and her aunt’s house, where they work on raising bees and producing honey.

The film was shot in the flirtatious municipality of Llodio (Álava), where you can visit the church of San Pedro de Lamuza or the Zubiko etxea mansion. Another location is Ereñozu, in Hernani (Guipúzcoa), where the convent of San Agustín and the Chillida Leku Museum are located. We also recommend walking through its streets and discovering charming corners.

One love: Nalda, La Rioja


That romantic drama directed by Isabel Coixet and starring Laia Costa and Hovik Keuchkerian, it tells the story of Nat who, after fleeing his stressful life in the city, goes to live in the small town of La Escapa. In a messy country house, the young woman will try to get her life back on track. After dealing with the distrust of the town’s inhabitants, the protagonist is forced to accept a disturbing sexual proposal that her neighbor Andreas makes to her.

Camping El Canto La Gallina.

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Although The Escape does not exist, the charming Riojan town of Nalda, place where the film was filmed. Located at the foot of the Moncalvillo mountain range, the town has an impressive historical and cultural heritage. Walking through its cobbled streets is like traveling back in time, to the Middle Ages. In 2023, Nalda was one of the 10 finalist municipalities for the Capital of Rural Tourism, an award organized by EscapadaRural.

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