The sound of water flowing in streams and rushing in the form of waterfalls invades the environment Nozzle. This picturesque town in the province of Burgos seems straight out of a story, and its urban center is marked by the many waterfalls that run between its streets and houses, which makes it one of the most charming towns in Spain. and has earned it the nickname of the town of a thousand waterfalls.

Perfect for a rural getawaythis town in the Las Merindades region is completely surrounded by nature, but it is also worth mentioning its valuable historical and architectural heritagestarting with the hermitage of Santa María de la Hoz in Tobera and the medieval bridge that accompanies it.

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Tobera and its waterfall route

The town of Tobera belongs to the municipality of Frías, whose head, the city of the same name, is known for being the smallest in the country. Its name is explained by being a place where tuff, a porous limestone, existed. The town is nestled in a beautiful mountainous landscape, surrounded by a queijo forest. Nature also plays an essential role within its urban area, completely crossed by the Molinar Riverwhich continues its course until it joins the Ebro River.

Town of Tobera.
Town of Tobera.

This watercourse leaves in its wake a trail of waterfalls that we can see in every corner of the town. In fact, there is a marked route that we can follow so as not to miss any details of the waterfalls. For 1 kilometer, we can walk along the Molinar Walksurprising us at every step with beautiful pictures.

The power of water is used today to power a small power plant, but since ancient times it was already used in a paper factory, in the 12th century, and later for make wool and linen with mills.

Tobera waterfall.
Tobera waterfall.

The hermitage of Our Lady and the medieval bridge

Right on the edge of the town, we come across a spectacular postcard that combines nature and the hand of man. In the Hoz de Tobera stands the sanctuary of Cristo de los Remedios, the Hermitage of Our Lady and a nice medieval bridge that crosses the river. In this last structure you can see a section of the old Roman road that connected Briviesca with Orduña and the northern ports through the Molinar gorge.

Medieval street in Covarrubias (Burgos).

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The hermitage fits into the mountain wall, with its beautiful Gothic design and tuff structure. During the Middle Ages, this functioned as a hostel for pilgrims who made the Camino de Santiago. For its part, the sanctuary houses inside the image of the Holy Christ Helper, that we can see through a barred arch.

Small church at the side of the road, Tobera, Burgos, Castilla y Leon, Spain
Hermitage of Our Lady, sanctuary of Cristo de los Remedios and the medieval bridge.

How to get to Tobera

He car ride from the city of Burgos and Tobera is approximately 1 hour via the AP-1 and BU-504.

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