The news that it brings year after year Futuroscope They never disappoint. This 2024 was not going to be for less, and the French theme park debuts surprising attractions that, following its characteristic line, combine cutting-edge technologies, immersive experiences and, of course, fun for the whole family.

The most anticipated novelty of this season is the incredible Aquascopean indoor water park with eight slides, pools, digital experiences… But that’s not all, this park located on the outskirts of the city of Poitiers, in the department of La Vienne, also brings us ‘Éclipse’, a new robotic show, and ‘Antarctica’, an extraordinary documentary on the largest flat screen in Europe.

The attraction

This is the best attraction in the world and where you can enjoy it


Aquascope is a truly unique water park. Built from the ground up, it will open its doors this July, with a covered area of ​​6,000 m² and capacity for up to 1,500 people. This massive project is divided into three parts, starting with the Sensations space, where we will find eight slides totally different ones that leave and enter the building. For example, we can go down a gigantic slide with a skate area and a funnel, race on a double slide or raise the adrenaline to the maximum with a capsule slide, where we start with the floor opening up. under our feet yuan almost vertical drop. Added to all this is a wave pool, a net suspended over a pool and a bar area.

Aquascope render.

On the other hand, the Immersion space is the one that most captures the essence of Futuroscope, since it immerses us in a futuristic world with an aquatic cinema, an underwater viewing experience with an LED screen at the bottom of a pool and a videomapping show over the water. Finally, the little ones will also have their own area: the Aquafun space. A large sculpture of Kraki, the park’s mascot, awaits us in this area full of slides, pools, grottoes and games adapted for children from 3 years old.

If all this were not enough, the water park will also have a 350 meter river where we can float calmly and explore the three areas. Furthermore, during the summer months, taking advantage of the good temperatures, the exterior part will be opened, where a river, a swimming pool and a beachIn short, a space designed for relaxation.

Aquascope children's area.
Aquascope children’s area.

The opening schedule of Aquascope will be on par with that of Futuroscope, and it is even scheduled to open a few more days. Regarding the duration of the visit, although you can stay as long as you want during the day, it is designed to be about three hours.

‘Eclipse’ and ‘Antartica’

Returning to the general park, Futuroscope also has new features for this season. Thus, the show premieres ‘Eclipse’, a robotic show developed in collaboration with Cirque Éloize, with a staging that combines the real (with a dancer and a robot) and the virtual, with screens, lights and mapping. For 20 minutes, we will follow the story of Lucas, a robotics genius who has developed a virtual assistant, Éclipse, and a robot, FuturoLab. However, things start to go wrong when his virtual assistant turns against him.

Eclipse show.
Eclipse show.

And the thing does not end here, the tallest flat screen in Europe hosts a new movie. The documentary by Thomas Pesquet, the youngest astronaut of the European Space Agency, is added ‘Antarctica’, a cinematographic experience in IMAX® 3D Laser 4K with which to discover in maximum resolution the life of this frozen continent, from the penguin colonies to the pods of whales.

The little ones in the house will also enjoy new features in 2024. In Futuropolis, the children’s city, has two new attractions: The River of the Lumberjacksa water circuit accessible to children from 90 centimeters, and HydroDynamoa 12 meter high swing accessible for children from 1.05 meters tall.

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