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Dmitry Chernyshenko recalled plans to resume air traffic with several countries

Direct flights to Saudi Arabia, South Korea and Indonesia may run in 2024. Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Chernyshenko announced this at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, writes TASS. According to him, Russian carriers are also considering the possibility of flights to Jordan and Kuwait.

This will allow not only our citizens, but also foreign tourists to travel more actively. Chernyshenko noted that in the Middle East, trips to the Russian Federation have become a fashionable trend, which increases the flow of tourists from the countries of the Islamic world.

Russians have been waiting for direct flights to Indonesia for 2 years. Aeroflot wanted to launch them back in 2023, but tickets never went on sale. So far, the main obstacle for carriers is sanctions, which may cause problems with refueling and ground handling of aircraft. According to our editorial calculations, since January, officials have announced the launch of flights to Indonesia at least 7 times this year. At the end of May, a source from TourDom.ru reported that negotiations with representatives of Indonesia had reached the home stretch and direct flights could actually appear this year.

Saudi Arabia is considered one of the promising destinations. In 2023, the country received 100 thousand vacationers from Russia, and from January to April 2024, 57 thousand. At yesterday’s workshop at the Moscow Hotel, the President of the Saudi Arabian Tourism Authority, Hazim Alhazmi, told TourDom.ru that airlines are ready to launch direct flights to the Russian Federation, you just need to speed up the formalities.

South Korea attracts attention due to its nature, cultural heritage, as well as cosmetics and K-pop. For now, Russians have to fly there with a transfer in Seoul. During the May holidays, air tickets cost 43 thousand rubles. with luggage. The country has not yet announced its position on sending aircraft to Russia.

Earlier, TourDom.ru wrote that at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, Brazil, Hungary, the Philippines and Venezuela expressed their desire to restore or expand air service with Russia.

Source: Tourdom



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