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Drunk skiers are being kicked out of the ski slopes

The Ministry of Economic Development has developed bill, according to which it is planned to prescribe the requirements for ski resorts and the rules for visitors to stay at such resorts. In particular, the document notes that the requirements will be approved by the government, and the rules – by the Ministry of Economic Development. They decided to establish rules, among other things, because tourists often put themselves at risk at resorts – for example, they go out on the slopes while drunk, do not wear equipment, or engage in freeride (skating on unequipped slopes).

It is assumed that ski resort employees should not allow drunk tourists onto the slopes. This should be spelled out in the rules, but how it will be implemented is not described in detail. Now employees do not have the authority to independently expel drunk tourists from the slopes – to do this they need to call the police, which in some cases is not very efficient.

The founder of the legal agency Persona Grata, Georgy Mokhov, said that at the moment, in principle, there are no regulatory grounds for employees of ski resorts to independently determine whether their client is intoxicated or not, and then apply some kind of force against him . According to him, this in any case cannot be done without police officers.

“Such rights are granted only in air transport where the relevant federal laws apply. There, flight attendants can apply restraint measures to avoid harm to passengers and ensure the safety of the flight. But for various types of entertainment complexes – swimming pools, baths, saunas, playgrounds and ski resorts – independent actions to remove the offender from the scene of hooliganism without the police are impossible,” explained Georgy Mokhov.

Another problem is that the rules for the provision of services are established only at the time of purchase. If a tourist arrived sober, but already drank while in the process, he will only have to be taken out by the police. To combat drunken skiers on the slopes, resorts will need to stop selling alcohol in restaurants and cafes on their territories – hardly anyone will do this. TourDom.ru sent requests to Krasnaya Polyana and Rosa Khutor, but could not receive comments at the time of publication.

At the same time, the government does not want to over-regulate this area so that the popularity of resorts does not decrease.

“If you thoroughly check every visitor, you can paralyze the work of the complex due to queues. But some random checks, various methods of precaution are necessary,” Andrei Maksimov, chairman of the Public Chamber of Russia commission on territorial development, urban environment and infrastructure, told Parliamentary Newspaper. According to him, all details need to be discussed with representatives of the resorts, and something generally should be specified not in federal acts, but in recommendations.

Deputies started talking about regulating ski resorts together with the Ministry of Energy and the owners of the slopes last year, since problems with safety and medical care were discovered there. The proposed bill focuses on land relations and construction – they want to introduce exceptions from forestry legislation for ski resorts. But many other topics, according to deputies, still remain undeveloped, so the document will be discussed at meetings.

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