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Dubai shops have become duty-free for tourists

The Dubai authorities have started to do things for tourists present, which will make traveling easier. These include local SIM cards and discount cards for duty-free purchases. Presents are distributed at the emirate’s international airport (DXB).

Tourists are offered to receive Planet Tax Free – with this card they can save on duties when leaving the country. The traveler must pick up souvenirs, food, clothes or other goods worth at least 250 dirhams (6,235 rubles) in a store with the Planet logo. It is important to ensure that the Tax Free stamp is attached to the back of the receipt and that it is shown at the airport within 90 days of purchase. After this, you must board a plane from the UAE within the next 6 hours – otherwise the transaction will be cancelled.

Discount cards for paying for services will allow you to rent cars, change money in local banks at a favorable rate, and also visit beauty salons or medical institutions if you need a doctor.

Three local telecom operators have opened special rates for vacationers. Previously, you could only get a card from the Du company – it works for 3 months and gives 1 GB of mobile Internet for the first 24 hours in the country. Now Etisalat has packages for 28 or 10 days, and with Virgin Mobile you can call your loved ones for 7 or 15 days.

Earlier, TourDom.ru wrote that after the May holidays, prices for holidays in Dubai fell by 2 times.

Source: Tourdom



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