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Due to a powerful landslide, trains to Sochi are delayed by 4 hours

Bad weather is raging on the Black Sea coast. In the Lazarevsky district of Sochi, a landslide hit the railway late on Sunday, as a result, traffic between Tuapse and Adler was blocked. According to Russian Railways, more than 5 thousand cubic meters of soil fell from the mountains. Rescuers rushed to the scene of the emergency, and train passengers had to be transported to their destination by buses. “We promptly sent 22 buses to the Loo and Dagomys stations so that passengers could travel to the city center, as well as to the Sochi and Adler stations, and to the airport. 1,800 people were transported overnight, and vehicles continue to operate,” explained Sochi Mayor Alexey Kopaygorodsky.

According to Russian Railways, six long-distance trains are delayed up to 4 hours. And 10 commuter trains have been cancelled. Among them: Tuapse – Imereti resort, Tuapse – Sochi airport, Sochi – Sochi airport, etc. The air harbor itself, judging by the online scoreboard, works without failures.

In addition, bad weather has made adjustments to the functioning of the Sochi mountain cluster – snowfall continues here, some roads are blocked. According to Aleksey Kopaygorodsky, 17 units of equipment and 30 people are engaged in clearing snow: “All operational services are working in enhanced mode. The city headquarters is monitoring the situation.”

A storm warning is in effect in Sochi until February 6. Forecasters predict hail, tornadoes on the coast from Magri to Vesely, a strong storm, as well as rivers overflowing their banks. The winter beaches of Sochi remain closed until further notice from the city authorities.

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