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Due to the sudden revocation of Qiwi Bank’s license, tour operators did not receive part of the payments for tours

Sudden license revocation Qiwi Bank and the shutdown of the Contact payment system were not without consequences for tourism. Some payments from travel agents to tour operators did not go through, which is why they changed the status of applications and, sometimes, insist on re-payment for tours.

One of the travel agents gave TourDom.ru an example: the money was sent to Coral Travel on Wednesday morning, but in the tour operator’s personal account the application is listed as unpaid. At the same time, he transferred money from the Alfa Bank application, and the travel agent did not even know that Contact was used.

Another travel agent sent a letter to the editors of TourDom.ru, from which it follows that the problem is not isolated and affects the interests of many tourists: “The tour operator demands repayment for tours that were previously paid through the Alfa Bank application, citing the fact that Alfa Bank does not transferred the funds to them the next day after payment. Such payments were made for the upcoming flight dates, since instant payment was required. Tourists who refuse to pay again will not fly; Alfa Bank does not provide, upon request, a certificate of fulfillment of obligations to transfer funds to tour operators and refuses to provide payment orders. They refer to the fact that the money has left the accounts, which means the payment has been made, tour operators do not receive payment and cancel clients’ tours without reason, imposing fines on agents.”

Lawyer Igor Kositsyn wrote in his tg channel that payments were made on behalf of individuals, but since the tour operator himself allowed this payment option, the demands for repeated payment are unlawful: “He is obliged to provide services, and then deal with this payment agent.”

However, Coral Travel thinks differently. “We have not received payment for the tours. According to the contract, the provision of services occurs after the receipt of funds,” a representative of the tour operator told the editorial office. The company did not specify how many tours were in unpaid status.

Other tour operators also accepted payments using instant payment. “For such reservations we fulfill all obligations at the expense of the tour operator,” explained Pegasus CEO Anna Podgornaya to TourDom.ru.

The topic is broad is being discussed in the industry community. Observers note that for tour operators, the revocation of Qiwi Bank’s license came as a complete surprise (the Bank of Russia has not resorted to this measure since 2022 – Ed.). If the regulator had warned about its actions, then the loss of payments and conflicts could have been avoided. After all, immediately after it became known that the Contact system had stopped working, tour operators changed the status of even those applications for which travel agents managed to issue documents to tourists: “The same situation! The documents have already been issued to tourists and the payment was withdrawn on Wednesday,” wrote one of the subscribers.

Representatives of retail companies insist that they have fulfilled their obligations, and tour operators need to send tourists on vacation and then deal with the banks. The editors will continue to monitor developments.

Source: Tourdom



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