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Due to the unexpected closure of the terminal, tourists flying from Sheremetyevo are stuck in traffic jams

In Sheremetyevo this morning there was pandemonium at the entrance. Videos of traffic jams were sent by tourists flying out of Moscow this morning. The greatest problems were experienced by those who arrived by taxi or personal transport and were forced to get to the airport through the parking lot.

According to the Moskvach telegram channel, the entrance to terminal C is from this side blocked due to the threat of mining. All passengers were turned around here and asked to use other options. People lost a lot of time in traffic jams during security checks in Terminal B.

As they say sources, the entrance to the international terminal was closed for a couple of hours. It has now resumed work as usual. The reason for the overlap is allegedly became an object in the form of an analogue of a combat hand grenade, found on the passenger. As it turned out, it was a lighter. The editors sent a request to Sheremetyevo Airport.

Earlier, TourDom.ru wrote that tourists spend half an hour entering Sheremetyevo due to the large number of people who want to fly on New Year’s holidays.

Source: Tourdom



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