The eternal city is one of those destinations that you have to visit at least once in your life, and that, if you have the opportunity to go more than once, it will always surprise us with its cobblestone streets and history. of which its monuments leave their mark. Travel to Rome is to go to one of the favorite capitals, next to Paris, to visit and make it your next vacation destination It’s a good decision.

On this getaway, you can discover a heritage legacy with centuries of historya delicious gastronomy in which, yes, there is life beyond pizza, and some customs and recommendations that are worth taking into account.

Our recommendation, as always, is to start our route through the capital of Italy (or any other destination) with a free tour that gives us a panoramic view of the essential points of the city. At Civitatis they offer this two-hour long activity that takes us to visit places like Spain Square (where the tour departs from), the Trevi Fountain, Agrippa’s pantheon or Piazza Navona. Another of our recommendations is to enjoy this guided walk… at night! with the teaour night, Rome is seen from another perspectivein addition to learn about the mysteries and legends that the city hides.

At night, it also has many charms to offer us.
At night, it also has many charms to offer us.

You can alsolet’s enjoy thematic activities that focus on a part of the city’s history, such as the free tour for imperial Romewhich focuses on the surroundings of the Colosseum and the Forums to reveal the curiosities of the Old Empireor the walk that runs through Trastevere, one of the most emblematic Italian neighborhoods with its interesting bohemian air. And, of course, you cannot miss the gastronomy and, to discover the best references, we can book a street food tour with a local guide in which we will enjoy the flavors of Rome.

What monuments should be reserved in Rome?

One of the most common mistakes when we travel to the main European capitals is not reserve access to your main tourist attractions, a gesture that does not have to save us from endless queues, but it does ensure that we see the most visited monuments year after year. The Colosseum is one of them: the archaeological remains of this Roman wonder receive up to six million people every year, which means that enjoying it alone is not an option. For this reason, Get Your Guide offers Priority entry to the Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill with optional guided tourassuming its best-selling activity.

A guided tour to discover one of the greatest vestiges of Roman history.
A guided tour to discover one of the greatest vestiges of Roman history.

From Civitatisanother of the most recurring websites to ensure a trip without unforeseen events, has another of the unmissable activities in Rome: a guided tour of the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel. And, yes, the price includes priority entry, so we will skip the endless lines! All for enjoy the art of the Vatican and much more since, as the company remembers, it is not only grandeur, “it also has a dark past of stories of deception and even lust” that the guides will reveal during the visit.

The Getyourguide website also has very interesting guided tours to discover the best corners of Rome, like this curious one city ​​tour morning golf cart ride with ice cream that will take us to the most prominent places in the city to enjoy a unique panorama that makes us feel that we know the Italian capital as well as our city of origin.

Don't wait to enter the main monuments.

Rome, from the Colosseum to the Vatican: how to get to know the city with the activities best valued by tourists

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