When you often think about South of Europe, The same countries always come to mind: Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece, although in this area there are other places that are also spectacular and that are also perfect to visit during Holy Week, such as For example Malta, the fifth smallest nation in the entire Old Continent but which has been experiencing a tourist boom for several years.

Traveling to Malta (especially if your horoscope sign is Libra) can be a wonderful experience for both those who want to relax in one of its beaches with crystal clear waters like those looking for a cultural destination full of history and that does not leave any tourist indifferent. Therefore, it is very important what places to visit in the country so as not to miss anything of this hidden gem of southern Europe.

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Valletta, the historic capital of Malta

Church of Saint Barbara on the right, Valletta, Malta
Valletta, Malta

Despite having less than 8,000 inhabitants, Valletta is the economic, tourist and cultural center of Malta, as well as the place where most of the monuments are concentrated. Among the buildings of the Maltese capital, which was built by the Order of Saint John, the impressive St. John’s Co-Cathedral, an incredible baroque building from the 16th century or the Grand Master’s Palace. Also, stroll through the streets full of colorful balconies of this city UNESCO World Heritage Site It is a unique experience.

Hal Saflieni Hypogeum

Hal Saflieni Hypogeum, the prehistoric underground temple in Malta.
Hal Saflieni Hypogeum, the prehistoric underground temple in Malta.

Just six kilometers from the capital is another of the places considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Hal Saflieni Hypogeum, the only underground prehistoric temple in Europe. Its galleries and cavities date back to 4,000 BC and were originally used as a temple, although it later became a necropolis. Furthermore, within it there are a multitude of tremendously ancient figures.

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Fort San Telmo

Fort of San Telmo
Fort of San Telmo

He Fort of San Telmo, Located in Valletta, it is one of the most important buildings in all of Malta, and this is 16th century fort Built on a previous Aragonese tower, it withstood a terrible ottoman attack at that time, as well as continuous bombings throughout the Second War. Currently, it houses the War Museum, A must-see to learn about the country’s exciting history.

The ancient city of Mdina

Medieval city of Mdina, Malta.
Medieval city of Mdina, Malta.

In the center of the main island stands Mdina, an impressive medieval citadel whose origin dates back to 700 BC, in the time of the Phoenicians, although later it has also been inhabited by Romans and Arabs. This ancient city (which currently only has 3,000 residents) is one of the best preserved walled enclosures of Europe, and was the capital of Malta until 1530. Known as the ‘City of Silence’, In it you can find buildings as spectacular as the San Pablo’s cathedral, a perfect example of baroque architecture or the Vilhena Palace.

Hagar Qim Temple

Hagar Qim Temple
Hagar Qim Temple

The third place in the country that became a UNESCO World Heritage Site is the majestic Hagar Qim Temple, a spectacular Neolithic megalithic complex located south of Malta and which was erected between the 3,600 and 3,200 BC Everything indicates that in the past it was used to perform religious rituals and animal sacrifices, while just a few meters away stands the Mnajdra Temple, another incredible sanctuary.

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The island of Gozo

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The cliffs of Dwejra (Gozo island, Malta) served as the setting for the Dothraki wedding between Daenerys Targaryen and Khal Drogo.

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Gozo Island, Malta

Malta’s second most populated island is that of Gozo, where some of the greatest wonders of Malta are located, such as the neolithic temples of Ggantija, numerous coves and beaches and many churches, since it is one of the most Catholic areas of the country. Until a few years ago you could also see the incredible Blue Window, a natural stone arch in the Mediterranean that was destroyed by a storm in 2017.

The village of Marsaxlokk


In the southeast of the main island is the picturesque village of Marsaxlokk, one of the most beautiful towns in all of Malta. This fishing village was founded by the Phoenicians and since then fishing has been its main economic engine. In this municipality there are many restaurants where you can try the authentic local cuisine, and then stroll through its beautiful and quiet streets.

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The blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon of Malta.
The Blue Lagoon of Malta.

Between the Comino and Cominotto islands is the impressive Blue Bay, one of the most beautiful landscapes in all of Malta thanks to its completely crystal clear and calm waters. In addition, it is also the ideal place for diving lovers, since its great marine biodiversity makes it one of the best places in the entire Mediterranean to practice this sport.

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