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Essentuki sanatoriums offer vouchers for 350 thousand rubles for a ten-day vacation

The Minister of Economic Development of the Stavropol Territory Denis Polyubin said that the volume of sanatorium and resort services provided in the region last year increased by 17%, and the average tourist check in a sanatorium amounted to 7,300 rubles. per day. We decided to look at the prices for holidays in sanatoriums this summer – whether there are places available and how the prices differ from the average level for 2023. We decided to ask the price of the sanatoriums of Essentuki, one of the popular resort towns of the Caucasian Mineral Waters. We chose the very beginning of summer – the period from June 1 to June 11.

The first conclusion: almost all the health resorts studied have available rooms at this time. Prices vary, but most of them exceed the average daily level mentioned by the Stavropol official.

Although there are pleasant exceptions. For example, at the Victoria sanatorium, a 10-day stay in a simple double room with treatment according to a general therapeutic program will cost 85 thousand rubles. for two, respectively, the cost of a day is 4250 rubles. per person. More expensive at the health resort “AZIMUT Health Valley of Narzanov” – 6100 rubles, including the “Easy Breathing” program. However, here demand exceeds supply (apparently due to reasonable rates); at the beginning of June there were no available rooms; the next available dates were found in the second half of July.

You can stay at the Kalinin sanatorium of the Russian Ministry of Health for 6 thousand rubles. per day in a double standard, but without treatment. Medical procedures will cost an additional 2,400 rubles. Total 8,400 rubles, approximately 15% higher than the average price of last season. The price for a holiday in the three-star Shakhtar sanatorium is a little less than 7,900 rubles, with three meals a day, but without treatment.

In other resorts the prices are higher. So, you can stay in “Rus” for 10,100 rubles. per day with treatment, in “Source” a “standard double” room will cost 17,550 rubles. along with the procedures. For about the same amount, but in more comfortable conditions, they offer to live in the five-star Istok. Here, sales of double standard rooms have been stopped, and a deluxe room with the “Healthy Lungs” program will cost 17,800 rubles. per day. Accordingly, a 10-day vacation for two will cost 356 thousand rubles. – at the level of not the cheapest foreign resorts. True, as subscribers of our telegram channel “Roof of TurDom” note in the comments, treatment will not be offered abroad. However, there is a nuance: regulars of sanatorium holidays say that the minimum recovery period is 20 days. And this, firstly, will turn out to be very expensive, and secondly, not everyone will be able to take a vacation for such a period.

We recently wrote that tourists were stunned by the summer prices in the sanatoriums of Kislovodsk. Although the prices there are approximately the same as in Essentuki: a 10-day vacation in a premium health resort will cost more than 360 thousand rubles. for two.

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