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Failed tourists defended in court the right to cheap Aeroflot tickets to Phuket

Ural tourists defended the right to fly to Phuket at the original prices, which Aeroflot announced last fall, and then changed its mind and sharply increased.

The Verkh-Isetsky court partially satisfied the demands of Ekaterina and Alexey from Yekaterinburg. He obliged the air carrier to provide them with services on identical terms on March 14 with a flight cost of 49,254 rubles. for two, reports RG. Previously, tourists from Perm, as well as another couple from Yekaterinburg. The remaining claims from failed passengers are pending.

Even at the beginning of this conflict, experts called the carrier’s refusal to refuse the prices it announced for transportation illegal. Lawyer Igor Kositsyn recalled the decision of the Supreme Court on another similar situation related to the purchase of goods in an online store. “There was also an erroneous price caused by a technical glitch, but the Supreme Court recognized the consumer’s right to purchase these goods at that price. Here the same legal principle applies,” Kositsyn stated in his telegram channel.

Independent lawyer Dimitry Morozov agrees with his colleague and refers to the same clarification of the Supreme Court.

“It was found that a consumer, acting in good faith, cannot determine whether there is a technical error on the site or whether there is a promotion going on. Thus, the enterprise is obliged to sell the goods (or services) at the stated price, especially since the transaction has taken place. I think the same logic may apply in this case.”

Dimitri advised everyone who finds themselves in a similar situation to contact a lawyer and get advice on what to do. And then, if necessary, go to court.

However, the founder of the legal agency “Persona Grata” Georgy Mokhov remindsthat the proceedings regarding the purchase of goods in an online store, which colleagues refer to, ultimately ended not in favor of the consumer: he was refused to provide goods at the original price.

Thus, it is premature for tourists to celebrate the final victory over Aeroflot, because the decision can still be appealed. In the telegram channel “Turdom Roof”, where is being discussed this topic, subscribers are urged to wait until the court verdict comes into force.

Let us recall the essence of the conflict. Back in October 2023, many tourists bought tickets to Phuket at a very attractive price: from 8 to 20 thousand rubles. for a round trip flight. But after some time, Aeroflot stated that a technical error had occurred on the website and canceled the tickets and returned the cost. Instead, tourists were asked to spend a much higher amount on a flight to Phuket.

This did not suit the Russians, and they went to court. Even the 30 percent discount and additional miles offered by Aeroflot did not soften them.

Source: Tourdom



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