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Fewer Russians came to Turkey in January than last year

Ministry of Tourism of Turkey cited statistics by the number of tourists in January. According to these data, Russians continue to lead in this indicator – 230 thousand people. In second place are tourists from Iran – 211 thousand people, and Bulgaria closes the top three – 162 thousand people.

Compared to the same period last year, tourist flows from Russia decreased by almost 18%. Several factors contributed to this.

The first of them is an increase in prices for tours. Despite the fact that Turkish hoteliers and host companies have reduced contract prices in euros for Russian tour operators for the summer season – 2024, the cost of holidays for tourists still increased due to the fall of the ruble. If in January 2023 the dollar was worth 68.87 rubles, then in January of this year it was already 88.68 rubles. Thus, for people with average incomes, trips to Turkey are becoming less and less accessible; they are being chosen by wealthier clients.

Another factor is the increase in the number of profitable offers in other foreign destinations. For example, for the New Year you could fly to Egypt, Sri Lanka, or the UAE. Many Maldivian hotels continue to offer significant discounts for spring and summer.

At the same time, Turkey still hopes that the influx of Russian tourists this year will be higher than in 2023. Advisor to the President of the Association of Travel Agencies, Hamit Kuk, said that Antalya expects a 10% increase in tourist flows from Russia this year. He explained his predictions to hurriyet as follows:

“We have achieved the planned early booking indicators in the Russian market: approximately a third of tourists book tours and book hotels in advance. Given these data, we can expect that the 2023 level will be exceeded this year.”

Source: Tourdom



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