If something is not missing in Spain, it is charming towns and we return to them every time we feel the call of nature and we feel like disconnecting. And there are times when enjoying tranquility and silence becomes an almost vital necessity. That is when there is nothing better than escaping stress for a weekend and taking refuge in a typical town. Take a look at these destinations, which are located less than two hours from Madrid, and where, in addition to not spending a lot of money, you can disconnect in very special corners.

Pedraza (Segovia)

Pedraza Square, in Segovia.
Pedraza Square, in Segovia.

Located just an hour and a half from the capital, this Segovian town is perfect to put yourself in ‘slow’ mode and enjoy doing nothing. Or do what you want, but at your own pace. The best plans are to enjoy relaxing walks in the surroundings among landscapes of juniper and juniper trees. But also, traveling to this medieval town It’s like going back in time. Surrounded by a defensive wall, to access Pedraza you have to go through the Puerta de la Villa. Among the main places you can visit are its porticoed Plaza Mayor and the old castle. Can stay in La Coracha de Pedraza, a rustic-style house which has all the comforts. Rental of the entire home, the weekend for 4 people, 280 euros/35 euros per person per night.

cork oaks in the andalusian countryside.

The Bosque de la Niebla, a mysterious and charming route in Cádiz

Roblelacasa (Guadalajara)

Black town of Roblelacasa
Black town of Roblelacasa

This town will surprise you and for many reasons. First because this may be the cheapest getaways we can recommend. You are not going to spend a single euro, since in Roblelacasa there are no shops or bars. And don’t be surprised that you don’t even have cell phone coverage. What you will find is a fascinating black town, with traditional slate houses, where you will barely hear a sound. You are in the paradise of disconnection. You will discover it not only by touring the town and breathing fresh air, but also by doing a walking route that goes from Roblelacasa to the beautiful Cascadas del Aljibe. It is easy and can be done with children.

Chinchón (Madrid)

The Plaza Mayor of Chinchón is of medieval origin
The Plaza Mayor of Chinchón is of medieval origin

It is always a pleasure to take refuge in one of the most welcoming and beautiful towns in our Community. Less than an hour from Madrid, Chinchón not only has one of the most recognizable and lively squares in Spain, this town also stands out for its heritage, nature and gastronomy. A good plan is to go to the San Juan lagoonwhich is located in the municipality of Chinchón, and is one of the main bird reserves in the Community of Madrid.

And be sure to try the famous Chinchón anise (which has been made since the 17th century) and the typical dishes of the area, such as churrasco, blood sausage or garlic soup. To rest on this express getaway, we suggest the El Abuelo Quiko rural apartments. These are two old homes restored in traditional style: “Ca Tía María”, from €90 per night, minimum 2 people, and “Ca Tío Francisco”, from €145 for 4 people. There are discounts if rented for more than one day.

Candeleda (Ávila)

Houses of Candeleda.
Houses of Candeleda.

We suggest you disconnect in one of the most beautiful towns in the Sierra de Gredos. Surely what will catch your attention the most is its Plaza Mayor with flower pots on the balconies. And it is precisely in this square where the House of Flowers, built in 1892, does not go unnoticed by the numerous flowers that adorn its façade. Furthermore, inside, the decoration and furniture will take you back to your grandparents’ home when you were a child. Walking through the old town of Candeleda you will also find half-timbered houses, typical of the Tiétar Valley and Vera Extremadura.

Of course, this rural getaway has to be accompanied by plans in the middle of nature, such as one of the numerous hiking routes that you can do in the surrounding area or a horse ride to the Sanctuary of the Virgin of Chilla. Surrounded by the Gredos mountains, the environment in which it is located is truly amazing. And to stay you can rent a rural house, an old renovated dry shed located at the entrance to the town. It is perfect if you go with a group of friends. Full rental, €125 on average, per night.

Hayedo de Montejo de la Sierra, MadridTravel

Hayedo de Montejo, the spectacular beech forest less than an hour from Madrid

Belmonte (Cuenca)

On the Cerro de San Cristóbal, Cuenca, is the Belmonte castle.  Its incredible beauty granted it the classification of Historical-Artistic Monument belonging to the National Artistic Treasure in 1931.  Furthermore, construction began in the 15th century, before the discovery of America, and it became the property of the Empress of France, Eugenia de Montijo, married to Napoleon III.
Belmonte Castle stands on the Cerro de San Cristóbal. Its incredible beauty earned it the classification of Historical-Artistic Monument in 1931.

This small town in the province of Cuenca is part of the Rural Wonders of Spain. In addition to its famous castle, Belmonte has other attractions, such as La Collegiate Church, a Gothic jewel that you shouldn’t miss. You can enjoy this haven of peace, which is located in the middle of Castilla La Mancha, walking through its narrow streets, with white facades and steep slopes. And of course, walk along the wall that has five gates, among which are the Almudí gate, the Estrella gate (where the old Jewish quarter was located) and the Chinchilla gate, which is the one through which the Catholic Monarchs entered in 1488 when They were on their way to the castle. And if you want to treat yourself to a little luxury, you can stay at the Palacio del Infante Don Juan Manuel Hotel Spa, from €81/night.

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