This unpredictable weather that is driving us crazy by not knowing how to dress each morning is also affecting the cherry trees and it is difficult to predict when they will bloom. At the moment, everything indicates that it will coincide with the Easter and that is why the most significant festivals that are celebrated around this show They are scheduled for the last days of March.

The flowering of the cherry trees in the Jerte Valley lasts about ten days and turns the fields white

The cherry blossoms are spectacular. The field is dyed white and from afar appears to have such a spongy texture that it could be confused with clouds that have become tangled in the branches of the trees. A spectacle of nature lasts about ten days, which makes it something even more special.

Tresviso town.

Discover one of the most isolated towns in Cantabria: a small town surrounded by mountains

Cabezuela del Valle.
Town of Cabezuela del Valle.

There is more

But that specific moment is not the only one in which it is worth traveling to one of the most famous valleys in the north of Extremadura. Its charms go beyond trees full of flowers and there are several points that demonstrate it.

The first is Cabezuela del Valle, located in the center of the road that runs through the valley from Plasencia to Barco de Ávila. Its old town was declared a Historical-Artistic Site in 1998 and is made up of white houses in which wood plays a leading role, either for its exposed beams or for the balconies of its most notable buildings.

Its environment helps make Cabezuela del Valle one of the most visited places in the valley And to enjoy it to the fullest, there is nothing better than following the route that starts from the town itself and ends at the convent of San José.

Roads do not reach Bulnes, in Asturias.

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Natural pools in the Garganta de los Infiernos.
Natural pools in the Garganta de los Infiernos.

Second and third stops

We continue heading north entering the valley until we reach the town that gives it its name, Jerte. Completely surrounded by fruit trees, in spring it is one of the busiest spots. Within the town, the oldest and most interesting part is the neighborhood known as Los Bueyes, which survived the great fire that took place during the War of Independence in 1809.

In the Garganta de los Infiernos nature has played to create curious formations that are very attractive

And from here, the third stop in the Jerte Valley is very close. The Throat of Hell It is one of the best-known corners and it is a space in which nature has played to create curious formations that are very attractive, especially when the water falls strongly and fills the gaps that have been created. To get to this declared area Natural reserve You have to forget about the car and follow a route of about three kilometers, although you will surely know little about it and you want to extend it a little more.

Las Bardenas Reales Natural Park and Biosphere Reserve.

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Fortified church of Our Lady of the Tower in Jarandilla de la Vera.
Fortified church of Our Lady of the Tower in Jarandilla de la Vera.

great farewell

Before reaching the limit of the province of Cáceres Must visit Tornavacas, located in the highest part and next to the source of the Jerte River. It is one of the most interesting towns in the valley due to its traditional architecture and to the number of ancestral houses that line its main street. From here begins the well-known Route of Charles V, which ends in Jarandilla de la Veralocated in the neighboring region of La Vera.

Before leaving the Jerte Valley we have to make one last stop at the Memory Viewpoint since the immense views of the Jerte Valley and the Tormantos mountain range They will be some of the most spectacular you will find. Since 2008, visitors have been joined by melancholic sculptures in memory of the forgotten.

Cherry blossoms in the Jerte Valley.
Cherry blossoms in the Jerte Valley.

an extra

If after so much talk about cherry trees (with or without blossom) the craving for this fruit does not give you respite, you should know that it exists a museum dedicated entirely to the cherry. It is located in Cabezuela del Valle and occupies a typical house that makes the visit even more interesting.

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