He Cabárceno Nature Park It is one of the most impressive environments that can be visited in Spain. The space of more than 750 hectares contains hundreds of animal species, which live in semi-freedom in a karst environment of impressive beauty. Last year they visited this ‘safari’ more than 670,000 people, and if you are one of those who are going to do it in 2024, several things must be taken into account.

Lying just 17 kilometers from Santander, Cabácerno park is one of the main attractions in all of Cantabria, and is visited by thousands of tourists every day. Therefore, if you want to see each and every one of the species that inhabit this magnificent environment, you must follow a series of tips to make the experience even more unforgettable, especially if you go with the whole family.

The oldest temple in the world

The oldest temple in the world: 12,000 years of history and many unsolved mysteries

Visit Cabárceno by car

Cabárceno Park
Cabárceno Park

In the 750 hectares of the park there are more than 20 kilometers of roads, so the ideal thing is to tour all of Cabárceno in car or other type of vehicle, even a bike. You can get to know every corner of the environment by walking, although the physical effort is enormous and you could end the day without having seen the odd animal. Additionally, they have a program visits called eBike, where you can visit the most important points by electric bicycle with a guided tour.

Know the access well

There are several points to enter the Cabárceno Nature Park. The closest is that of the people themselves, which is located right next to a church. The other option is to access through the municipality of Obregón, which contains several lockers. Before starting the journey, check which one best suits you.

Ride your cable car

Views from the Cable Car in Cabárceno
Views from the Cable Car in Cabárceno

A few years ago several were inaugurated cable cars in Cabárceno so that whoever wants can enjoy this spectacular karst environment from the air. It is an option to take into account if you go with the little ones in the house, since they will live the experience differently. The prices go from 14 to 21.5 euros for children up to 24 euros for adults (39 euros if they are in high season).

There are restaurants, so there is no need to bring food.

Being such a large environment and such exhausting visiting days, many worry about when they will be able to eat. The vast majority choose to bring their own food, but in the park there are numerous bars and restaurants where you can have a snack, so there is no need to carry refrigerators all day.

Old Palace in the Palace-castle of Olite.

The Parador located in the old palace-castle of the kings of Navarra

You can take a private visit

Something that very few tourists know is that you can make private visits. In the call Visit Wild, a guide will take you by car inside the animal enclosures, and you will be able to see up close elephants, giraffes, bears, rhinos and many other species. The price is 230 euros per adult and 115 per child. In addition, it also includes lunch.

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