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Flight from Cuba to Moscow delayed by almost 12 hours

Flight N4 552 from Cuba to Moscow is delayed by almost 12 hours. One of the passengers reported this to the editors of TourDom.ru.

“There are no airline representatives at the airport,” he wrote at 4 a.m. Moscow time, when the flight was delayed by only 2 hours. – Departure time is unknown. Internet here is paid – an hour costs 2 dollars.”

According to the schedule, Nordwind Airlines Boeing 777-200 was supposed to depart from Cayo Coco at 18:00 local time. But first the flight was delayed for 2 hours, then until 05:40 am (13:40 Moscow time).

Nordwind told the editors of TourDom.ru that the reason was not the technical condition of the aircraft, it was in good working order. “The fact is that at Cayo Coco airport there was not enough fuel for the Boeing. We are waiting for the kerosene to be delivered; in addition, the crew must rest according to the regulations. The flight delay is currently 11 hours. Passengers were provided with water and food in accordance with Federal Aviation Regulations.”

As of 09:55 Moscow time, the plane had not yet taken off from Cuba. If he leaves at 10 Moscow time, he will arrive in the capital at 22 hours (travel time along the route is more than 12 hours) instead of 15:15 according to the schedule.

Source: Tourdom



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