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Flight to Sri Lanka delayed due to drunken couple

Several drunk passengers were immediately removed from flights on February 20 at Moscow and Irkutsk airports. Tourdom.ru was informed about the incident at Sheremetyevo by one of those flying on flight FV 6265 Moscow – Colombo.

The Rossiya Airlines Boeing 777 was scheduled to depart for Sri Lanka on February 20 at 23:45. A family with two children was planning to fly to a resort on vacation. But upon landing, the head of the family suddenly began to become rowdy. “His wife fell on the floor in the salon and was passed out. Apparently she was drunk too. Poor children,” the passenger wrote. The police had to remove the drunken tourists from the plane. Moreover, judging by the video sent by a subscriber to the “Roof of TurDoma” channel, the man stubbornly resisted law enforcement officers.

As a result, the whole family remained in Moscow, and the Boeing’s departure was delayed by an hour. Judging by the Sheremetyevo online board, the plane departed at 00:54 and landed in Colombo at 08:40 Moscow time.

At the Irkutsk airport yesterday there were twice as many drunk passengers removed from flights – four. This was reported by the regional transport department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Three drunken men, already on board the plane flying to Moscow, scolded the crew of the aircraft, using obscene language. The commander had to refuse passengers permission to fly; the flight attendants called the police. Law enforcement officers removed the rowdy tourists from the flight and drew up a report. The hooligans turned out to be people from different regions of the country – Volgograd, Kaliningrad and Izhevsk, who did not know each other.

Another passenger, a resident of the Altai Territory, was unable to fly from Irkutsk to Neryungri on February 20. The reason is the same – rude language directed at the plane crew. Violators face administrative arrest for up to 15 days or a fine.

On January 16, due to a passenger of retirement age, the flight of the Red Wings plane from Yekaterinburg to Sri Lanka was delayed by 2.5 hours. An intoxicated woman caused a riot on board.

Source: Tourdom



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