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Fraudsters create fake Turkish hotel websites

The Turkish travel industry is sounding the alarm: Internet scammers are massively “cloning” hotel websites and collecting money for fake bookings. turizmguncel.com writes about this.

The publication does not provide specific examples of hotels whose websites are duplicated by unscrupulous businessmen. The scale of the problem was reported by the Chairman of the Turkish Consumer Union, Mahmut Sahin: “We receive countless complaints. Only 8% of victims contact us, but even this corresponds to approximately 2 thousand people every day.”

As TUROB, the Turkish Hoteliers Association, notes, scammers do not skimp on advertising fees for “their” hotels, actively promote them through social networks, and try to rank first in search engines. As a rule, they offer very favorable prices for accommodation. After purchase, customers are sent a voucher with the original hotel logo. Subsequently, it turns out that there are no reservations at the hotel, and the money went into the pockets of the swindlers.

TUROB President Müberra Eresin noted that guests are constantly warned about fake sites on the Internet. “If a holiday is purchased through a travel company, you should check whether they are members of TÜRSAB (Turkish Travel Agents Association). When booking on hotel websites, you need to be especially careful with properties that are priced too low,” she recommends.

As for Russian tourists planning a holiday in Turkish resorts, the way to protect themselves from possible fraud is obvious: to purchase tours only from professional market participants. Tour operators, whose tour packages are sold by travel agents, enter into contracts either directly with Turkish hoteliers or with host companies.

The creation of fake hotel websites, as well as other methods of deceiving tourists, are also common in Russia. A little over a month ago, we wrote about another case: Internet scammers sold almost a hundred trips to a non-existent sanatorium in Crimea.

Source: Tourdom



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