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Fraudsters sold almost a hundred vouchers to a non-existent sanatorium in Crimea

Three scammers in St. Petersburg received 4.5 years in prison for selling vouchers to a non-existent sanatorium in Crimea. Sentence for men carried out Primorsky District Court of the Northern Capital.

According to the investigation, the attackers decided to get into the tourism business at the end of 2019, but without any special investments. In particular, they began posting online advertisements for holidays in the non-existent Chernomorsky sanatorium in Yalta. The advertisements indicated that there were no vouchers on open sale, but they could be ordered “at a very attractive price.” To do this, potential clients were asked to fill out a feedback form and provide their contact information.

Next, the scammers called or emailed potential victims and persuaded them to purchase vouchers “almost free of charge.” For those who decided to use the services of scam managers, the attackers sent fictitious documents about a confirmed reservation, as well as invoices for payment with bank details.

Apparently, the fake sanatorium was doing well. The men even ordered a separate website for the accommodation facility and pages for its promotion on social networks. However, deceived clients, who were unable to relax at Chernomorsky, gradually began to contact the police. By the time the case was transferred to the prosecutor’s office, there were 75 victims. The total amount of damage amounted to 3 million 318 thousand rubles.

“The court sentenced each person to imprisonment for a period of 4.5 years in a general regime penal colony. All defendants were taken into custody in the courtroom immediately,” the press service said.

It is worth noting that the accommodation facility was still offered for booking on some sites. Moreover, in some places he is still present “on display” and even “approved for occupancy in 2024.” However, there is also a small note stating that the sanatorium “may not be open” and there is no booking field. At the same time, in the comments, users openly write about fraud.

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