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Freedom Beach in Phuket will be free of sun loungers and vendors

Numerous publications of photos and videos of Freedom Beach in Phuket caused a scandal on social networks. Freedom Beach is officially considered part of a national reserve, but in violation of all rules, sun loungers and umbrellas were placed there, and food and alcohol sales were opened.

Yesterday, Thai officials and police held another raid on “Freedom Beach”, but, to our surprise, we found neither shade nor sunbeds. And the tourists said that they brought bedding for rest with them, reported the Thai publication Mgronline.

In chats they immediately noted that local entrepreneurs promptly removed the beach equipment that was incriminating them. But the food traders considered themselves safe and told the inspectors that they allegedly worked there legally, having received permission from some “forest” chief.

Russians also spoke about the abnormal state of affairs on the beach and around it on social networks. For a short drive along a steep mountain road in a pickup truck – 100 baht (1 baht – 2.5 rubles). Entrance ticket is also 100 baht. For this money there is an open public shower. And the toilet is paid – in the beach bar. The bay is full of boats and boats.

For 100 baht I only got a mat to lie on the sand, and for using it with an umbrella I had to pay 400 baht per person, this is how the situation was described in the public. At the same time, the sun loungers themselves were hidden to the side.

Based on the results of the inspection, it was stated that once upon a time this corner of Phuket had already been taken away from the occupying capitalists as a national treasure and in the future the current situation will definitely not be repeated. It was decided to declare Freedom Beach a recreational forest area: no buildings, only “round trip” tourism is allowed.

Earlier, TourDom wrote that sun loungers and umbrellas illegally installed there were removed from Kata Beach in Phuket. And to preserve the natural balance in Maya Bay on one of the Phi Phi islands in the Andaman Sea, tourists were only allowed to look and take photographs.

Source: Tourdom



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