The heart of Europe beats with the mechanical complexity of its astronomical clocks. The most famous clock in the world is located in the Czech Republic. the Orloj of Prague, But in a fascinating country where history, nature and gastronomy always go hand in hand, the watches that set time to the country’s chronicles could not be missing from your wrist. Works of art that fuse beauty and precision. The yesterday and today of a country minute by minute.

Detail of the Prague clock.
Detail of the Prague clock.

Prague astronomical clock

In the old Old Town Hall it’s found the oldest, most photographed and most complex astronomical clock in the world. A masterpiece of medieval engineering. Until 1962 it was thought to have been created by the master Hanus z Roze, who legend says was blinded so that he could never make another one like it. However, that year it was discovered that there was a first author in 1410, Mikulas of Kadan, following the project of Jan Sindel. Sample the position of the Sun and the Moon, the months of the year, the signs of the Zodiac, the days of the week… In addition, it includes the Babylonian numbering system, the saints and the figures of the twelve apostles who parade every hour. On Both Sides, Death, Greed, Vanity and Lust. It is a symbol of the city and can be seen in action from nine in the morning until nine at night.

Roman theater in Plovdiv.

With more than six thousand years of history, it is the oldest continuously inhabited city in Europe.

Olomouc Town Hall and Clock.
Olomouc Town Hall and Clock.

Olomouc astronomical and communist clock

In Olomouc, the beautiful city of Moravia, there was an astronomical clock from the 15th century, but it was destroyed in World War II and was restored in the communist era. The originality is that now the protagonists of this great clock and mosaic are workers, athletes, scientists and peasants as a way of honoring the achievements of communism and a tribute to work. Also It has Stalin’s name and his birthday written on it. It is located in the Town Hall and its figures dance at 12 in the morning.

Crystal plant in the garden of Kunratice u Cvikova.

The only garden in Europe where Bohemian glass plants “grow”

Brno astronomical clock, shaped like a giant bullet.
The Brno clock, shaped like a giant bullet.

Brno Clock

In the beautiful city of Brno, south of Olomouc, In 2010, a clock shaped like a gigantic bullet was installed in memory of the Swedish siege that the city suffered in the 17th century. The Swedes swore to withdraw if they did not manage to enter before noon, but the inhabitants found out about the promise and struck the clock at 11 in the morning, thus achieving the Swedish withdrawal. The Brnensky orloj is on Namesti Svobody Square, It is six meters high, is made of black granite and is the symbol of the city center of Brno. It rings every day at 11 in the morning, the time when a marble appears through one of the three slits at the bottom. If you are lucky enough to get it, it will be the best souvenir of the city and a good omen.

Traveler woman enjoying the view of the Thai Phang Nga bay.

10 picturesque and inimitable places to visit once in your life

Hop Museum with astronomical clock in the city of Zatec.
Hop Museum with astronomical clock in the city of Zatec.

Hop clock at Zatec

Located in North Bohemia, It shows the work that is done month after month with hops, a crop linked to the area for more than 700 years. UNESCO has just included the old town and its hop fields on the World Heritage list for its great landscape, cultural and economic value. The hop clock, on the fa├žade of the Hop Museum, It combines engineering with art and the strong brewing tradition of the area. It was built in the mid-20th century and shows the signs of the Zodiac, the lunar phases, the position of the Sun and the annual cycle of hop cultivation.

Ostrava Clock.
Ostrava Clock.

Ostrava Astronomical Clock

The City of Theaters In 2011, he dedicated an astronomical clock to fairy tales next to the Puppet Theater. To the rhythm of a happy melody, six figures carved in wood dance every hour. A harlequin paired with Death, the king with the queen and the devil with the angel. At the top, a large sphere represents the constellations that light up to the rhythm of the music. Surely it is the most unknown watch in the country and therefore one of the most curious.

Jested Hotel, on the top of the Czech mountain of the same name.

The spectacular Czech mountain hotel where you sleep on a television antenna

Zasova wooden clock.
Zasova wooden clock.

Zasova clock

Although not purely astronomical, the clock in Zasova, a town located one hour south of Ostrava, is another Czech curiosity. Also dedicated to children, this wooden carved clock opens its windows at 10, 3 and 6 p.m. to show characters from Czech and international children’s stories, such as the cat with boots. Its author, the master carpenter Spaner, invested more than 1,700 hours in shaping it.

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