It is not a tongue twister but rather they are two of the great gems hidden in the southern Aragon and that form the perfect getaway when you are looking for disconnection without giving up a good dose of culture and history. The first thing that catches your attention, before even arriving, are their names. There are many explanations and legends about them, but, since Teruel is lovers zone, It is precisely a love story that is most convincing by finding a reason for this exchange of names.

The symmetry of names between both towns in Aragon has to do with an ancient love story

We are at the end of the 12th century, when the Christian Reconquest It advanced little by little through Aragón. At that time, Rubielos was governed by Don Alonso de Rubielos, while neighboring Mora remained in the power of the Muslims. I lived there the beautiful queen Fatima and, obviously, as in any good legend of the time, the Moorish queen and the Christian knight They fell madly in love. Obviously their relationship was also not well regarded and to achieve acceptance from both sides and make it clear that no one was going to lose out with this union it was decided that Rubielos would always be from Mora and Mora from Rubielos. These two peoples remain united for the rest of eternity.


The beautiful town with one of the most important Jewish quarters in Spain and a church of Templar origin

Castle palace of the Fernández de Heredia.
Castle palace of the Fernández de Heredia.

Where to start

In order not to raise rivalries, we are going to start this route in Mora de Rubielos for the simple fact that it is closer to the capital, Teruel. From afar we can see one of the most interesting monuments of this town, the castle of the Fernández de Heredia, which dates back to the time when our protagonist couple met. In that then it was a military fortress, but then it changed owners and function until it ended up being a large castle. Today there is little left standing, but enough to get an idea of ​​how important it became. Can visit, since it is perfectly conditioned.

La Iruela Castle.

The imposing castle embedded at the top of a rock in the Sierra de Cazorla

Already in the town, within the remains of that wall there are other points of interest, such as the old Collegiate Church of Santa María la Mayor. Of Levantine Gothic style, it stands out for its dimensions.

Collegiate Church of Santa María la Mayor.
Collegiate Church of Santa María la Mayor.

Next stop

After getting lost in the streets of Mora de Rubielos, it is the turn of Rubielos de Mora, which is part of the association of the most beautiful towns in Spain. Essential stop is your City hall, inside which we find what was the old market. That is why you not only have to admire the building from the outside but also enter and tour the parts enabled for visits.

Cloister of the convent of the Discalced Carmelites.
Cloister of the convent of the Discalced Carmelites.

Another very important point is the convent of the Carmelites, where you can marvel at its cloister, one of the most elegant thanks to its twenty-two Tuscan-style arches. And, just like its neighbor, there is no need to leave here in a hurry since first you have to get lost among its streets and enjoy all the details that make you travel back in time thanks to its wonderful state of conservation.

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