Average temperatures in the Finnish summer fluctuate between 25 degrees maximum and 15 degrees minimum. Figures that sound more than appealing when there are already areas here that have begun to sweat and we know that this is only just beginning. But in addition to the possibility of breathe fresh air, This northern European country offers other many plans at this time, some of them so exclusive and special that you can only experience them there and they are well worth it.

The pleasant temperatures of the Finnish summer and the many hours of sunshine invite you to discover fascinating nature

Summer sunset in Finland.
Summer sunset in Finland.

The Midnight Sun

When we think about the Nordic countries, a dark image comes to mind, especially when we remember that they have months in which they barely see the Sun. Now in summer the opposite happens and they have more hours of Sun than any other corner in the world. The king star can be visible practically 24 hours a day. of the day in June and July, a range that widens the further north we go. The White Nightsas they like to call them, have a very special light since they resemble a very long sunset and those golden tones dye the landscapes to show us their best side.

Canals and boats of the city of Aveiro.

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Solstice Festival in Finland.
Solstice Festival in Finland.

Solstice Festival

He June 24 It is marked in red on the Finnish calendar as it marks the moment in which the night will begin to appear and the days will be somewhat shorter. It is during these dates that a multitude of festivals are celebrated throughout the country, although one of the most famous is the Midnight Sun Film Festival which is celebrated in Lapland and in which cinema is the protagonist. Another option in which tradition is very present is the Seurasaari festival, very close to the capital.

Surrounded by blue and rocky beaches, and in the heart of the Portuguese Algarve, just an hour and seven minutes by car from Faro, is a town with fishing history at the foot of the Atlantic Ocean and sheltered by large cliffs that have little or nothing to envy the well-known Greek island of Santorini.  A postcard destination, in part thanks to its stunning sunsets, accompanied by the enormous beauty of being surrounded by white houses and blue domes.

‘Portuguese Santorini’: the picturesque Algarve fishing village with rocky beaches and spectacular views

Aerial view of Helsinki in summer.
Aerial view of Helsinki in summer.

Helsinki comes alive

The capital of Finland is a modern city in which design is very present. That is why it is essential to reserve time during vacations in the country to dedicate them to get to know the city, its architecture and get lost among its decoration shops or visit some exhibitions. Design Week is celebrated in September, event that also serves to say goodbye to summer. After a long winter, all its inhabitants welcome summer with great enthusiasm and this can be seen in the atmosphere in its parks and in the number of terraces that appear in its streets. Plans are never lacking during this time.


Castles, palaces, vintage cars and metal mountains in “invisible” Germany

Lakeside cabin for a family vacation.
Lakeside cabin for a family vacation.

Get lost in nature

There is no plan more Finnish than Lose yourself for a few days in a cabin next to a lake. A postcard as idyllic as it is relaxing that is only possible there and on these dates. Surrounded by nature, the plans include enjoying these landscapes to the fullest whether by hiking, taking a bath in a lake or exploring it aboard a boat. Of course You can’t miss a sauna, something that Finns cannot live without and that must be tried there no matter what.

The Finnish lifestyle has been considered the happiest in the world.

Plans to become the number one happiness of the Finns

Road on Lake Saimaa.
Road on Lake Saimaa.

From lake to lake

Just as in winter no one doubts that the most interesting region is Lapland, in summer there is another area of ​​the country that becomes essential for locals and foreigners, known as Lakes Region. It is said to be the region “of a thousand lakes”, although in reality There are more than 200,000 lakes, 57,000 if you count only the largest ones.. Thus, the landscape of this area is so special that you never get bored of looking at it, despite it being only lakes and forests. The largest one is called Saimaa and in its surroundings is where you will find more entertainment and also more activity proposals to make the most of the experience.

View of Zurich West.

Discover the most modern part of the Swiss city where there are no banks or clocks

The port of Helsinki and the Gulf of Finland from the window of an airplane after takeoff.
The port of Helsinki and the Gulf of Finland from the window of an airplane after takeoff.

How to get

On the occasion of the 2024 summer season, the airline Finnair reinforces its operations in Spain with more frequencies and routes connecting Spanish airports with Helsinki, the capital of Finland and the airline’s hub. The airline, which has just celebrated its centenary, will maintain its daily operations from Barcelona, ​​Madrid and Malaga (where there will also be double daily flights in the weeks of greatest demand in July and August and during the summer season they will also operate three flights per week between Alicante and Helsinki and a weekly flight between Palma and the Finnish capital

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