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From waiters to psychotherapists: in Crimea they are looking for employees with accommodation

Hotels and sanatoriums in Crimea are ready to offer 2,293 jobs to applicants in the coming season. That’s exactly how many positions posted in the vacancy bank, which was traditionally formed by the Ministry of Resorts and Tourism of the Republic of Crimea before the season. The department brings together all the industry’s proposals to help enterprises with recruitment.

The current bank has exactly the same number of vacancies as last year, but now applicants have many more options for providing housing, which may be of interest to visiting specialists. A roof over your head is offered by employers who have posted three-quarters of the vacancies. Such a high share did not exist even in post-pandemic times, when the industry was actively gaining momentum after a forced pause. According to the ministry, young people from other regions, who have a chance to find interesting options during the summer holidays, can also pay attention to such vacancies.

Nevertheless, just over half of employers are looking for specialists for permanent work; the rest are ready to offer temporary employment or seasonal options. Compared to last year, there is a noticeable increase in average salaries. The list has much fewer options where the salary is less than 20 thousand. This is due both to the general increase in salaries and to the fact that almost all employers are looking for full-time applicants. There are practically no offers for part-time workers. There are also no options where the salary is ready to be announced only after the interview. They were present in last year’s job bank.

The lowest paid jobs on the list are offered to a cardiologist and a psychotherapist in one of the sanatoriums in Yalta – less than 15 thousand rubles. per month. But here it is worth making a reservation – the work is supposed to be part-time, and these are the only such vacancies on the list. The same money without a medical education in the same city on the southern coast of Crimea can be received by a territory cleaner with a pool caretaker or a waiter in the Black Sea region.

Consistently, the peninsula’s five-star hotels are the most generous employers. True, the highest paid profession in the bank does not directly relate to tourism – at the Mriya Resort & Spa hotel they are looking for a permanent job as a construction control engineer with a salary of 150 thousand. But the restaurant manager here is promised 80 thousand. At Luciano Wellness & Spa Foros for the same amount of money is being sought for a curator of wellness programs.

Employees of accommodation services are offered from 20 to 40 thousand rubles. The maids have about the same fork. Moreover, the level of remuneration is not always affected by the status of the object. Even between hotels of similar status, the difference in salaries can be up to 10 thousand.

All offers to waiters are generally in the region of 20–25 thousand. Everything else will have to be “finished off” with the help of tips. Offers for chefs start at the same numbers and can go up to 69 thousand if you manage to get a job in a five-star hotel. But they are willing to pay auxiliary workers in the kitchen up to 30 thousand.

Animators are promised from 20 to 35 thousand, but there are very few offers from the government bank for these positions. Bartenders also have nothing to choose from – only a couple of places with a salary of around 40 thousand in 5* hotels, and a simpler option with a salary of half that. On average, rescue sailors are promised from 20 to 30 thousand.

Medical specialists can expect a salary of up to 70 thousand. There are many options in different municipalities in the region of 40–50 thousand. But there are options that are half that. For junior medical personnel, the best offers are at the level of 55 thousand – this is how much they will give to a paramedic in one of the leading hotels. But mostly from 20 to 40 thousand.

Earlier, TourDom.ru wrote that Russian hotels do not have enough maids willing to work for 75 thousand.

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