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Greece 2024: what awaits Russian tourists

Tour operators have expanded their offer of tours to Greece this summer: you can go with the whole family to the islands, to Athens, or get to Greek ports during cruises in the Mediterranean. The editors have summarized information about the rules for obtaining a visa, clarified air routes and features of using UnionPay cards.

Tourist visa to Greece

For Russian tourists to obtain a Schengen visa to Greece proposed contact the Global Visa Center World visa centers, and it is better to do this in advance. If in winter the demand was small, then by summer the number of applicants increased. In practice, consulates issue single-entry visas for the stated travel dates. According to responses on social networks, Greece issues multi-Schengen visas quite rarely.

On the GVCW CC portal are listed rules visa application process, from online pre-appointment booking to office hours regions. Tour operators selling tours to Greece provide visa support to their clients. In particular, PAC Group details listed necessary conditions for the package of documents for different categories of tourists.

To travel to Greece, everyone, including minor children, must have a passport valid for at least 3 months after the intended departure. If you have a second and invalid passport, you must bring them with you. The package of documents also includes a printed application form for the consulate and a memo notification about previously visited Schengen countries.

From financial documents – bank statements about the movement of money for 3 months and the account balance. It doesn’t matter in what currency, the conversion should be from 100 euros per day per person for the duration of the trip. Medical insurance – from 30 thousand euros.

Employees and individual entrepreneurs provide an official certificate of position, salary, and length of service. For the self-employed – a paper from the Tax Service about payments, for a student and a pensioner – their IDs. The documents require a contact phone number: consular officers often check the information.

When traveling with children, it is necessary to obtain a notary’s consent from each parent with a QR code and a list of all countries in the Schengen area. And for a Greek visa you need to retake biometrics.

To Crete, Corfu and Athens – from Moscow

Russians get to Greece with transfers at airports in different countries: there are enough options and new ones are appearing.

On the Domodedovo – Sharjah – Athens line from June 27 start fly Air Arabia planes. On the airline’s website, round trip tickets, for example, on July 12 and back on the 26th, cost 71.5 thousand rubles. with luggage. The travel time is planned to be 13 and 12 hours respectively. On the same dates, the travel time on the round-trip route Sheremetyevo – Belgrade – Athens – Istanbul – Vnukovo is 2 times less. Tickets to Greece on Air Serbia flights and with return flights on Turkish Airlines – from 130 thousand rubles. also with luggage.

There are flights to the resort island of Crete with two or three transfers and a change of airlines. For example, on the route Moscow – Istanbul – Athens – Heraklion. There – from Sheremetyevo with Aeroflot to Turkey and further on board Aegean Airlines, back – first with Greek airlines, and from Istanbul – on a Pobeda plane to Vnukovo. On July 12–26, a round trip cost 66.6 thousand rubles. for a chair. Additionally for luggage – more than 20 thousand rubles. Despite two connections, the road to the island is 14.5 hours according to plan and home is 2 hours faster.

The beaches of Corfu were also popular among Russians. From Moscow to this island in the Ionian Sea there is now a route similar to the previous example and with the same air carriers, but only to Kerkyra airport. You will have to spend 22 hours on the way, and 15 hours are allotted for returning. The cost for one passenger is 75.1 thousand rubles. with hand luggage.

Among the combined routes that are included in some tours are a flight to Bodrum, and from there to ferry to the islands of Kos, Samos and Rhodes. Turkey also has sea connections with other Greek islands.

UnionPay in Greece – there are problems

UnionPay cards from non-sanctioned Russian banks are still in use in Greece, but tourists noted on social networks that there are quite a lot of refusals for non-cash payments. Most often, cards were inserted or touched to terminals, less often they were used contactlessly using the Huawei Pay application in a smartphone with an NFC module.

The public said that in Athens, for example, they paid in the supermarkets Sklavenitis and Bazaar with plastic from Gazprombank, Rosselkhozbank and Primsotsbank in the traditional way. At the same time, there is a remark that in the Greek capital the ruble card with a dragon from GPB did not work everywhere. About Thessaloniki they mentioned that the RSHB plastic did not pass into Sklavenitis either physically or through the “smart watch”.

Tourists are advised to ask the seller for another POS terminal if nothing worked with the first one. In particular, payment terminals of the Cardlink system are configured for several of the largest Greek banks, but even in them there are failures. Most often, problems occur in small resort towns on the islands.

With cards from the listed banks, Russians received cash in euros at most ATMs and were advised to find another ATM if they refused. Judging by the responses, it would be a good idea to stock up on plastic from several banks. For peace of mind, it is better to take a sufficient amount in euros on your trip, and there are exchangers for other currencies.

Earlier, TourDom wrote that in the summer season tourists will have more opportunities to visit Greece on a tour package. Tour operator Pegas Touristik announced charter programs to Heraklion on Crete from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Kazan and other cities on Southwind Airlines flights with a connection in Antalya. Negotiations on blocks of seats on board Air Arabia Moscow – Sharjah – Athens were conducted by the tour operator Pantheon. TEZ TOUR announced the expansion of tours to Greece with flights via Yerevan.

Source: Tourdom



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