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Holidays in Turkey: book or wait a little? Tourists were given recommendations

Travel agents have noticed an increase in the cost of tours to some popular hotels in Turkey for arrivals in the second half of summer.

“Back on May 22, a week-long vacation at Dobedan Beach Resort 5* with a flight from Moscow on August 23 could be booked for 215 thousand rubles. for two. Now the same tour package is offered for 226 thousand rubles, an increase in price by 5%. For 20 thousand rubles. over the last 5 days, the price of a week-long tour to Rixos Premium Belek 5* for departure from the Russian capital on August 24 has increased,” one of the retail travel companies shared observations with the TourDom.ru portal.

The trend is confirmed by the A-Club network of travel agencies. “The cost of tours to Turkey for July-August began to rise. The activity of foreign markets – European and others – is having an impact. At Rixos Sungate 5*, for example, room occupancy is already close to 100%, which was not the case in previous seasons,” says Oleg Vinogradov, general director of the company. He believes that it is unlikely that we should expect special offers from Turkish hoteliers in the near future. Rather, a further gradual increase in tariffs is likely. The specialist believes that the optimal solution for tourists planning a summer holiday in Turkish resorts is not to delay booking. The moment is favorable for purchases also because the ruble has been showing a strengthening trend over the past week. In this case, you need to take into account: exchange rates are a significant, but not decisive factor influencing the prices of tours. To a greater extent they depend on the relationship between supply and demand.

Development Director of OnlineTur.ru Igor Blinov is careful in his recommendations. He notes that not all Turkish hotels are now raising prices for the second half of the summer season. There are also opposite examples – some reduction in tariffs, so it is premature to talk about a stable trend towards higher prices. “We try to refrain from giving recommendations to tourists about the moment of purchasing tours, since there is a lot of uncertainty in the market. Some people book at the last minute, others in advance, several months in advance. It is hardly possible to reliably predict price dynamics.”

We previously wrote that the head of one of Turkey’s large tourism holdings shared an alarming forecast regarding the prospects for tourism from Russia to Turkish resorts. He does not exclude that the country may lose its place in the top 3 most popular foreign tourist destinations among our compatriots. The reason is too high hotel prices.

Source: Tourdom



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