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Hookahs were seized from a “Russian” karaoke in Phuket

Russian tourists in Phuket witnessed a raid to combat hookahs banned in Thailand. At the Octopus karaoke bar in Bang Tao passed search and seizure of evidence: there were no complaints against the visitors, and the manager was detained, The Phuket News reported today.

Late last Friday evening, an anti-crime task force raided a popular restaurant in the prestigious Boat Avenue neighborhood. There were four hookahs on the tables, and several more were found in the back room. All of them, as well as over 7 kg of tobacco, were seized. The clients’ invoices, which included hookahs along with beer and salads, were taken away from them.

The report on the raid was published on social networks without mentioning the place, but users immediately identified the name from the interiors. About the establishment on Yandex.Maps it is said that it was opened by Muscovites.

Last year, the Thai Ministry of Justice issued a notice to tourists reminding them that electronic cigarettes and vapes of any type, as well as hookahs, regardless of whether they contain smoking mixtures, cannot be brought into the kingdom. For violation, fines of up to 600 thousand baht (1.5 million rubles) and imprisonment are provided.

Earlier, TourDom wrote that five Russians were detained at a villa in the Rawai area of ​​Phuket, where an illegal poker club was opened. Prohibited hookah tobacco was confiscated from one of them.

Source: Tourdom



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