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Hooligans threatened to blow up a plane flying from Turkey

Emergency services received a call on the evening of June 3 about a bomb allegedly planted on an Azimut Airlines plane flying from Turkey to Mineralnye Vody. About the incident reports Shot channel.

The SSJ-100 superjet took off from Antalya on flight A4 9120 at 20:15 local time with 101 passengers and 5 crew members on board. The plane was supposed to bring clients to Mineralnye Vody airport at 22:35.

At 22:00, while the plane was still in the air, unknown people called from a hidden number. They reported that the board was mined and, threatening an explosion, demanded a negotiator. For a considerable bribe, they promised not to activate the bomb.

At Minvody, the superjet was met by airport emergency services, but it landed safely at 22:25, 10 minutes earlier than the time indicated on the schedule. Passengers left the plane as usual. The plane was checked by police and nothing suspicious was found.


Law enforcement officers are now looking for false terrorists.

Source: Tourdom



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