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Hotels in Sochi with heated pools: economical holiday options for the May holidays

The editors of TourDom.ru found out which rooms are available for the May holidays in economy class hotels with heated pools in Sochi. To compare prices, we chose the period from April 29 to May 10, a room for two.

If we consider the segment of three-star hotels, then the offers are as follows: in Sochi-Breeze SPA standard – from 76,200 rubles, luxury – from 130 thousand, in RP Bergamo standard – from 86,130 rubles, comfort – from 92,070 rubles, in Grace Arli standard – from 61 to 73 thousand rubles, two-room – from 88 to 92 thousand, and in Grace Crystal standard from 68 to 83 thousand rubles. And, for example, prices for a standard room at the Grace Assara 3* hotel start from 34,557 rubles, a two-room suite – from 59,241 rubles. By the way, on May 9 and 10 there are no longer any available rooms in this hotel.

At the Melodiya Gor hotel, a 3* standard will cost 34,200 rubles. and higher, prices for superior rooms start from 40,800 rubles, and for a suite – from 43,600 (though there is only one left). You will have to pay more than 100 thousand for an apartment or cottage. At Adlerkurort, a 3* double room costs from 49 to 88 thousand, a studio – from 63 thousand.

Velvet Seasons has three hotels with outdoor heated pools. In the “Catherine Quarter” prices for a standard are at the level of 40–50 thousand, in the “Family Quarter” – about 43–54 thousand, and in the “Russian House (Sports Quarter)” – from 53 thousand.

In “Albatross” 3* prices for all rooms offered for this period are within 50 thousand rubles: a triple costs 22 thousand, a four-bed – 35.3 thousand, a four-bed economy – 21 thousand, a studio – from 32 to 43 thousand, luxury – from 43 thousand, apartments – from 48 thousand. In “Anatol” a 3* double room costs 59 thousand, a triple room – 78 thousand (only two left), and three- and four-bed deluxes – 84 and 99 thousand respectively. In Garden Hills 3*, a double room will cost 33,900 rubles, and a standard room with sea view will cost 40,500 rubles.

As for hotels with two stars, the situation here is as follows: in Grace Nairi a standard room costs from 72 to 82 thousand (depending on the presence of a balcony), a family room costs 88 thousand, and prices for deluxe and suites fly above 100 thousand. “Variant” standard costs from 18 to 25 thousand, Superior category – from 20 to 27 thousand, Comfort – from 23 to 29 thousand, and junior suite – from 32 to 39 thousand.

In the Belarus recreation complex (Krasnaya Polyana), standard and superior rooms cost from 44 to 61 thousand rubles, a studio – from 66 thousand. And in the Yuzhnoe Vzmorye sanatorium the range is a little wider: standard – from 43 to 86 thousand. , superior rooms – from 109 to 120 thousand, junior – 137 thousand, luxury – from 142 to 161 thousand.

At the Villa Gold hotel, a double standard costs 40 thousand rubles, a junior suite with a balcony – from 57 thousand (only three left), and apartments – 67 thousand (one). In addition, all rooms at the hotel for May 9 and 10 are already occupied. In the guest house “Aida” the prices are the most affordable – from 13 thousand for a double standard to 24 thousand for a four-bed deluxe. In “Clover”, a standard (with a different number of seats) will cost from 21 to 56 thousand, and a comfort (also with a different number of seats) – from 26 to 62 thousand.

It is always better to check the latest information whether the swimming pools are open or not before booking or entrust the choice to a travel agent, since there may be different nuances.

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