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Hotels without stars were offered to be classified in the “do it yourself” format

The new classification format for hotels in the category “without stars” is going to be introduced by the Russian Accreditation Agency in September. The agency, which recently received the authority to regulate these processes, proposes to abandon the usual procedure with the participation of specialists from an accredited organization, replacing it with self-assessment with further moderation by specialists from the federal service.

Hoteliers are offered to use a special smartphone application “Mobile Inspector”. Using a video camera, they will need to confirm that the accommodation meets 60 criteria. And the fact that the shooting is taking place in the classified object must be confirmed by a geopositioning system using GPS coordinates. Judging by the data in the application store, the program developed by the Ministry of Digital Development has been in use for about 1.5 years, which means that it should fall into the hands of the hotel business no longer raw.

“After all control points have been recorded, the data is submitted for verification to RosAccreditation staff for compliance with the stated requirements. Next, the property will be included in the register and may begin operating as a hotel without stars,” the department explained.

According to RosAccreditation, now more than half of the objects on the market are classified without stars. The same approach is expected to be extended to health resort institutions. Camping and glamping sites, guest houses and modular hotels, which are currently not subject to mandatory classification, are also proposed to be admitted to the register on a self-assessment basis.

“We approach this initiative with great caution. On the one hand, it is a big plus that such a simplification implies inclusion in the register and legal field of accommodation facilities, which are currently not classified at all, since they either really are not hotels, or they pretend that they do not belong to them, but are non-hotel facilities placement. But on the other hand, this may lead to an increase in the number of violations. Even now, some objects receive classification despite not meeting current requirements. But instead of ensuring increased control over this procedure and stopping such tricks, they are introducing self-assessment, which provides complete freedom for such unscrupulous hoteliers,” says Natalya Petrovskaya, co-chair of the League of Small Hotels, Hostels and Tourist Accommodations.

TourDom.ru previously wrote that the idea of ​​assigning stars to campsites aroused criticism.

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