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Housing may appear on the site of sold sanatoriums in Sochi and Tuapse

The Roscosmos State Corporation is getting rid of non-core assets. Among them there are health resorts, including in Black Sea resorts, writes RBC.

In particular, this year 75.66% of the shares of the Makopse Resort boarding house in Sochi, owned by the Progress Rocket and Space Center, which is part of Roscosmos, will be put up for sale. They plan to earn 332 million rubles for them. In addition, 665 million rubles. are going to receive for the boarding house “Vostok” in the Tuapse district of the Krasnodar Territory. By the way, this object was already offered at auction in 2022, but did not find a buyer; the starting price was then higher than 727 million rubles.

As Dmitry Bogdanov, Chairman of the Board of the Association of Hoteliers AMOS explains, many large holdings with state participation are now getting rid of non-core hotel assets. For example, several years ago JSC Russian Railways sold its sanatoriums to the owner of the Azimut hotel chain, Alexander Klyachin (we recall that a property dispute flared up over the ownership of the hotels not long ago. – Ed.). There are many trade union health resorts throughout the country, some of them have also been sold, for example, the Volna sanatorium (Khosta district, Sochi) was acquired by LSR Group. So the decision of Roscosmos fits well into the general trend.

According to the specialist, both the Makopse Resort and the Vostok boarding house are in need of global renovation. Today these are “morally and physically tired sanatoriums.” The key question is whether the potential buyer will be ready to invest in large-scale reconstruction, or will he prefer to demolish the objects and use the tasty coastal areas for the construction, for example, of luxury housing – such cases are also known. “Both tourists and the state, of course, are interested in ensuring that there is no conversion. After all, the demand for holidays in sanatoriums clearly exceeds the volume of quality supply. This segment now has the greatest depth of sales – right up to November,” says Dmitry Bogdanov. According to him, it is important that a competent investor comes to the facilities: due to the fact that new owners do not always turn to specialized specialists for expert support, many mistakes are often made during reconstruction – in design, in planning a medical center, as well as in choosing marketing strategy.

In addition to its health resorts in the Krasnodar Territory, Roscosmos plans to exhibit facilities belonging to its structures in the Moscow region – the Voskhod boarding house (Sergiev Posad), the Chaika health resort complex (Kolomensky district) and the Salyut recreation center (Troitsk).

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