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How to avoid a flight into a debt trap: tourists were told details about scammers at the airport

Russian airports, after the first news about the appearance of fraudsters on their territory, hiding under the guise of bank employees, are trying to protect their passengers from encounters with such businessmen. For example, I went this way airport Kazan, which on its social networks posted photographs and a detailed description of the uniform of accredited bank employees working in the terminals of the main airport of Tatarstan.

It will be doubly useful to know the details of the scheme with which scammers can try to take possession money from tourists while they are in flight and are not able to receive notifications about transactions occurring on their accounts.

So, the fake bank manager catches his victim before a flight and offers to issue a co-branded credit card, but during the conversation he makes it clear that the application installed on the passenger’s smartphone is outdated and a new one needs to be downloaded. And since it cannot be downloaded from official app stores due to sanctions, the scammer will offer to send a link to download the program via messenger.

If this does not alert the tourist, a phishing program will actually be installed on the phone, which reads the client’s login and password. Then it turns out that the attempt to issue a previously advertised card will be unsuccessful, and the false manager and the victim will go their separate ways forever. And after the client flies away, manipulations will begin in his personal account. Personal money can be withdrawn from existing accounts, and loans can be issued. The victim learns about the problems that have arisen some time after landing. They say that businessmen often choose as victims those who have to fly long-distance flights.

Earlier, TourDom.ru wrote that scammers can trick tourists into getting a loan at the airport and take advantage of it.

Source: Tourdom



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