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I couldn’t stand on my feet: a violent tourist from Dubai was met by police in Moscow

A tourist who returned from Dubai to Vnukovo was immediately met at the ramp by both the ambulance and the police. According to the telegram channel “Aviatorism”passengers complained about the inappropriate behavior of one of the women on Pobeda flight DP794.

For most of the flight there were no signs of trouble, but closer to Moscow it intensified. She started pestering her neighbors and even lying on them. Not finding reciprocity, the lady who wanted to get to know each other began to rage, scream and even poured water on someone.

According to the flight attendants, by the time they intervened in the situation, the rowdy girl could not stand on her feet and did not answer questions. Officers believed she was hallucinating and her speech was incoherent. The cabin crew suspected alcohol or drug intoxication.

To find out the reasons for the strange behavior, the tourist was handed over to competent employees upon arrival. The police interviewed the crew and began checking.

“He’s probably very afraid of flying. So I went too far in duty free,” suggest subscribers of the telegram channel “Roof of the TourDom”discussing what happened. “When will they stop letting everyone on the flight?”

Earlier, TourDom.ru wrote that a tourist forced her neighbor on the Pobeda plane to watch a striptease as an apology.

Source: Tourdom



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