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“I lost your money”: a travel agent from Kazan was found to be a fraud

The owner of the Kazan travel agency “Kasatka Travel” Diana Fattyakhova is on trial found guilty in fraud on an especially large scale. The woman was given a sentence of 4 years in prison with a suspended sentence.

The police became interested in the travel agent back in 2021. Tourists purchased tours abroad from her, but the director did not transfer payments to tour operators. The woman informed her clients that the tour would not take place, at the last moment, on the eve of departure.

“I was going to go to Turkey with two daughters, sons-in-law and grandchildren. The director persuaded us to postpone the flight to a later date and said that bedbugs were found in the 5* hotel. I had to pay extra for a new trip. On the day of departure, we packed our things and already called a taxi to the airport. I call Diana and ask where the documents are, and she says: I lost the money,” told YouTube channel “TatarstanDa” the injured pensioner.

One of the tourists asked the travel agent how she could lose her payment, since the money was transferred to the card. Fattyakhova’s answer was discouraging: “But I filmed them.”

Among other reasons for canceling the tour, which the scammer gave to her clients, was “the airline has sold more tickets than seats on the plane, and you will not be able to fly.” And also “the subagents let me down”, “the price of the tour went up, I couldn’t book it, I still have to pay extra.” Tourists checked whether a tour was booked for them – they contacted the tour operator, but it turned out that there was no reservation and there was never any.

As a result of the fraudster’s actions, hundreds of Kazan residents lost their vacations and were unable to get their money back. In total, Kasatka Travel failed to fulfill its obligations by 6 million 134 thousand rubles, 49 families suffered.

The Privolzhsky District Court found the woman guilty and determined the punishment – imprisonment for 4 years. However, he deferred the sentence of the fraudster until her child turns 14 years old.

Tourists are unhappy with this decision and are planning to appeal it, reports kazanfirst. The convicted woman herself believes that the sentence will give her the opportunity to settle accounts with her clients: “Thank you to the judge. It’s not that much money. I will pay.”

Source: Tourdom



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