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In China, a timer was installed in the toilet for tourists

An original idea for organizing a public toilet was used in China. In Shanxi province, in a popular tourist destination, an LED display with a color change, reminiscent of an airplane green and red, was not only installed above the booths for women, but also integrated into the design timer.

A creative solution emerged from the Yungang Buddhist cave monastery in Datong. According to the administration’s plan, they did this for convenience – there is no need to knock on the door and ask whether it is busy or not. However, when asked on social networks why there is a board counting the time a person has been there, no answer was given.

“It is truly unheard of for someone to just sit in a public toilet, for example, playing on their phone,” the public said. Visitors also noted that they felt as if they were being watched, as if someone was motivating them to quickly vacate the booth.

“I don’t know what some people are doing in the booth: they don’t make a sound and don’t come out,” responded the defenders of the innovation. According to them, this will prevent malicious delay and queueing. Among the remarks was a proposal to add an alarm function, so that the convenience would certainly not be abused.

Answering questions from the Chinese media, a representative of Yungang Grottoes explained in all seriousness that there is no set time limit for “control” in the toilets and the point is not that 5-10 minutes is a long time. In this case, a clock with time calculation should be considered a beautiful trifle.

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