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In Dagestan, girls were billed for taking photos in a cafe

In a cafe in Dagestan they began to charge visitors for taking photographs, reports telegram channel “Barrel of black caviar”. Their subscriber drank tea with a friend in Makhachkala and took several photos for social networks. The girl was very surprised to see the “Shooting in the hall” service in the check.

At first glance, the situation seems funny, but the price of travel could rise significantly if tourists and travel bloggers are asked to pay money in every cafe where they decide to take a photo of their breakfast. The editors decided to find out whether this is legal and in what cases you don’t have to pay for pictures.

Firstly, a restaurant cannot prohibit filming. The establishment has the right to establish rules of behavior on the territory, but they must not contradict Russian laws. For example, according to paragraph 4 articles 29 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation, everyone has the right to collect information in any way – this includes photography. You can also rely on Article 3 Law RF “On Information” – it also says this. At the entrances of many cafes, shops and restaurants there are signs with a crossed out camera, but this is only a recommendation, not a law.

The main function of cafes and restaurants is to feed the guest, so the cost of their services is determined by the prices on the menu. For example, if the check included photography, like the heroine of the Telegram publication, or live music, this violation clause 2.1 of article 14.8 of the Code of Administrative Offences. The court will determine what happened as an imposed service, that is, provided without the knowledge and consent of the consumer.

In this case, the girls had the right not to pay for the photographs also because they were not warned that it was not free. A cafe may offer additional services, but should not include them in the check without the guest’s consent – read more about this written in paragraph 19 of the Catering Rules. It also states that the consumer is allowed to refuse to pay for such options.

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