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In India, two tourists barely escaped from wild elephants

Two tourists miraculously escaped attacks wild elephants in Karnataka state in India. They stopped on the road in Bandipur National Park to photograph two elephants and a baby elephant emerging from the forest and got into trouble, Indian publication Kerala Kaumudi reported last week.

The elephant did not like the attention of people, and she rushed to the car. The driver who remained behind the wheel began to move slowly to allow his comrades to sit down while running. The run was short-lived: one of them fell. The multi-ton animal first tried to hit him with its trunk and leg. But his attention, fortunately, switched to a truck walking in the oncoming lane.

They clarified on social networks that they had been in that place a week before and the elephants behaved quite peacefully. It is unknown what provoked the elephant to attack, but travelers were advised not to forget that the jungle is not their territory. Conservationists are confident that these people must be found and punished. “Prison for a year – let them know that they are not out of danger yet.”

Following the release of the video, the Indian Forest Service (IFS) reminded tourists of the cardinal rule of staying in their vehicles when around wild animals. This park, established as a tiger reserve, is often visited by tourists from the neighboring states of Kerala and Goa.

According to the Wildlife Foundation of India, the number of emergency situations is constantly growing: several hundred people die every year in collisions with elephants.

Source: Tourdom



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