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In Phuket, a Russian was arrested at the airport and accused of money laundering

At Phuket airport arrested a citizen of Russia when passing through passport control. The database showed a court order issued last year, and immigration officers made an arrest, Novosti Phuketa reported yesterday.

The Russian, whose name was not named, was accused of money laundering – legalization of criminal proceeds. The police report did not specify what specific incidents the 31-year-old man was suspected of. What is known is that he was taken to the Kata district police station.

In particular, local investigators, together with the Central Investigation Bureau (CIB), were unraveling a fraudulent scheme involving the misappropriation of money from fake electricity bills involving a certain Russian. Back then, many Thais and foreigners who owned homes suffered due to this scam.

There was also an assumption on social networks that our compatriot could have come under the radar of law enforcement due to his participation in the chain of p2p transfers with cryptocurrency exchange, which are practiced by illegal money changers.

Among the dangers that await tourists in Thailand is being in “bad company,” for example, when one of the participants in an illegal transaction claims that money was stolen from his account. Then the police monitor all bank card transfers that come into view and, if there are accounts in a Thai bank, they are blocked. During the proceedings, you will have to prove to the cyber police that you did not participate in fraud.

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