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In Phuket, a Russian woman was seriously injured in an accident

A Russian woman was injured in an accident in Phuket: her motorcycle collided
with a car. Her family wrote about the incident on social networks.

On February 27, Ekaterina Volkova was driving a scooter when a pickup truck driving right in front of her suddenly suddenly braked. As the girl’s relatives write, he drove into another car at high speed. The girl’s scooter collided with a pickup truck.

It is reported that the Russian woman was wearing a helmet and has a motorcycle driver’s license obtained in Thailand.

As a result of the accident, Ekaterina received multiple injuries, including a broken nose and damage to the bones of her shoulder. She was first hospitalized at Chalong Hospital, then transported to Dubik Hospital and provided with the necessary medical care.

The insurance that the girl had – for a total of 30 thousand baht – covered only part of the medical expenses. “Unfortunately, she cannot fully pay for all the expenses for operations and hospital stay,” the relatives report.

You can only count on compensation from a participant in an accident after the investigation is completed. The police continue to investigate all the circumstances of the accident. Two cameras that were supposed to film the scene were not working: this makes it difficult to collect evidence of the Russian woman’s innocence.

The girl, who, ironically, previously worked as a stretching trainer and rehabilitation specialist, will need plastic surgery, removal of scars on her face, as well as procedures for recovery. They are not included in the insurance coverage, so Catherine’s relatives announced a fundraiser in the Russian-speaking community of Phuket.

Source: Tourdom



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