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In Phuket, a tourist accused a motorcycle taxi driver of harassment

In Phuket, the police detained a motorcycle taxi driver, accused a foreign tourist in an attempt to sexually harass. As reported today by The Phuket News, the 18-year-old Thai citizen denies violence, and investigators have begun to clarify the circumstances of the incident.

The emergency declaration was registered early in the morning of February 26. A tourist from Germany said she caught a motorcycle taxi around 1am while returning from the Chartered Walking Street fair in Phuket Town on Sunday. We agreed that for 150 baht she would be delivered to a hotel on the nearby island of Sirai.

According to the 37-year-old woman, the young man first tried to introduce himself, and then, turning around, managed to kiss her on the cheek. After making unwanted advances, he grabbed her hand and allegedly forced her to touch her private parts.

The tourist noted that she was very frightened by his activity and jumped off the motorbike right on the move, receiving an injury. The taxi driver stopped, and when a random passer-by appeared, he quickly drove away.

Investigators tracked the route using CCTV cameras. Additionally, they found out that the accused called the hotel to clarify the address. Therefore, within a few hours, the police came to the driver’s rented home. The clothes and vehicle recorded in the footage were seized as evidence. It was also established that he used a phone number registered to his stepmother.

Earlier, TourDom wrote that in Phuket, a Russian tourist became the victim of a street robbery: late at night, when returning to the hotel, an attacker on a motorbike tore a handbag from her shoulder. In another incident, a local taxi driver forcibly pulled a foreign woman he did not like out of the car.

Source: Tourdom



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