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In Phuket, tourists from Russia were deceived out of 1.8 million rubles and left homeless

Having arrived in Phuket, a couple of tourists from Russia did not find either the promised villa by the sea, which they had booked in advance, or the realtor to whom they transferred 1.8 million rubles. (720 thousand baht). A message about the incident appeared yesterday on the tourist police page on social networks.

The police did not publish the names of the victims and the mediator, only noting in the post that they were “deceiving each other.” The comments immediately complained that there were a lot of Russians on the resort island, and suggested that there could well be swindlers among them.

In the public they gave an example that they somehow fell for an offer when booking below the market. Others were offended by the impressive sum they paid without looking at housing and documents: “There’s a lot of money, but now they’re talking about a problem.”

The Russians chose housing in the Cherng Taley area – one of the most expensive places in Phuket. In particular, for the coming dates, a villa with two bedrooms and a swimming pool is listed on Airbnb for 1.2 million rubles. per month. The description states that Bang Tao Beach is 1.3 km away. In the same location, monthly rent for apartments with one or two bedrooms costs about 250–280 thousand rubles.

A budget option can be considered a three-bedroom villa in a residential complex in Saku for 260 thousand rubles. per month. Renting apartments costs 2 times less: in Kamala there is an offer with one bedroom for 125 thousand rubles, and in Patong a studio on the ninth floor for 130 thousand per month. The daily fee starts from 12–25–30 thousand rubles. depending on the location of the object and its condition.

On the eve of the Chinese New Year, almost all hotel rooms in Phuket were booked; in five-star hotels the cost exceeded 340 thousand rubles. for 10 nights.

Earlier, TourDom wrote that in Pattaya, tenants of apartments in a residential complex ended up on the street after paying a swindler for their accommodation.

Source: Tourdom



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