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In Sevastopol they want to raise the cost of tickets on public transport for tourists

The government of Sevastopol is thinking about raising the cost of tickets on public transport for tourists and, in general, for people without local registration. Now half of the tariff is compensated from the regional budget and paying from the treasury for visitors, according to Governor Mikhail Razvozhaev, is unfair.

However, not all so simple. Head of the Department of Finance of the Government of Sevastopol Alexey Plotnikov noticed, that it is technically impossible to divide public transport passengers into “residents” and “non-residents”. True, Mikhail Razvozhaev did not agree with this. “Everything is possible now with the digital technologies we are moving towards. Because after all, this is starting to be unfair. It is clear that now the tourist flow is reduced, but paying 50% of travel for tourists at the expense of the city is not very correct… Therefore, let’s think in this direction,” the governor said.

The vast majority of telegram channel subscribers “Roof of the TourDom” The initiative of the Sevastopol authorities was met, to put it mildly, coolly. And it’s clear why: such decisions do not add tourist attractiveness to the city. “We need to attract tourists to our region, not scare them away,” wrote a subscriber. And another reader noticed that recently there aren’t that many vacationers in Sevastopol, and the rise in travel prices will scare them off even more.

But other participants in the discussion believe that there is logic in Razvozhaev’s proposal. Here is one opinion: “Tariffs should be different for locals and visitors if the service is subsidized from the regional budget. For example, in Istanbul, local residents and visitors pay for public transport very differently. And this is reasonable.”

However, there may be a compromise option – to reduce the cost of the service for residents of Sevastopol. Here it is not necessary to raise prices for tourists, but for locals to offer discounts using some local cards. And here everyone is thinking about how to justify raising prices so that more and more KPI indicators can be met and the coveted bonuses received. True, the discounts for residents of Sevastopol, which the subscriber mentioned, will hit the regional budget even more. Therefore, the authorities are unlikely to agree to this.

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