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In Singapore, a tourist was shocked by the number of prohibitions on the streets

Singapore surprises tourists from different sides. A tourist from Great Britain was stunned by the number of signs and inscriptions that warn against inappropriate behavior in public places while walking around the city-state. Viral photo report from TikTok, Europeans called it educational, and Singaporeans were amused by the guest’s reaction, with some noting that they had never looked at all this through the eyes of tourists before.

During the day, the foreigner studied what was impermissible to do. She immediately agreed with the warnings not to litter, as well as the rules for parking bicycles. She saw a large sign prohibiting cycling, rollerblading, skateboarding, scooters, and walking with dogs at the entrance to The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands.

Under another photo, the tourist wrote: “So many smoke-free zones, but this is very foreign to a Londoner.” A “No Vaping” sign on the café door prompted a remark that would have made many of her compatriots here cry: in Singapore, smoking devices have been illegal for several years, while in the UK they are legal.

The girl was amazed at the sight of signs advising not to squat on the toilet, and to beware of encounters with otters on the street. In response to a warning about the danger on the fence at the shopping center, an equally surprised local resident wrote: “Who the hell does this.”

While a number of prohibitory signs have raised eyebrows among some commentators, others are confident that this is the result of past incidents. And one philosopher recalled a simple rule: “Behave the way your mother wanted you to behave at home.”

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