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In Thailand, a tourist’s teeth were knocked out for photographing an owl without permission.

In Pattaya, a tourist lost four teeth due to attempts take photographs without the permission of the owner of exotic animals. The offended foreigner contacted the police, who took his side in the conflict, the Thai television network Channel 7 reported.

A scandalous incident occurred last week at the Runway Street Food market on Second Road near an old decommissioned aircraft. The attention of tourists from South Korea was attracted by a show with birds and snakes. The 38-year-old man approached to take some photos of the python and large owl, not knowing that there was a fee for the shoot.

The owner of the mini-zoo demanded money, and when, according to him, the Korean literally threw 100 baht (246 rubles) in his face, he became very angry. Stating that this was very offensive to Thais, he ordered the tourist to pick up the bill from the ground. Taking advantage of the moment, the owner of the animals kicked him twice in the face – as a result, the offender ended up on the ground and without a pair of front teeth, two more were damaged.

The victim went to the dentist to assess the damage. It turned out that in Korea you have to pay the equivalent of 400 thousand baht. If you do all the procedures in Thailand, it will be less, but you will need to fly to the country several times.

The Thai admitted to the police that he made a mistake by starting the fight and apologized. It is not yet known whether compensation for damage to health will be awarded. The extent of the punishment was not reported, nor was it reported whether the owner of the animals had permission to display them.

Earlier, TourDom wrote that in Pattaya, security guards brutally beat two tourists – the conflict began over a refusal to pay a bar bill.

Source: Tourdom



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