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In Thailand, an 8-year-old child crossed the Gulf of Thailand on a kiteboard

8-year-old boy Tanawat Promvaen, nicknamed the wizard of water sports crossed Gulf of Thailand on a kiteboard. As the Pattaya Mail reported yesterday, he completed the record crossing for windsurfers of any age on his third attempt.

His parents prepared another start in anticipation of his ninth birthday, which falls on February 11. The young athlete began his journey by sea at Surfspot in Hua Hin and arrived at Pattaya Kitesurfing Club on Na Jomtien Beach in Pattaya 4 hours and 10 minutes later. Throughout the 107 km journey, he was accompanied by several ships equipped with ambulance equipment and ready to help in case of large waves.

The press found out that the record holder, who began training at the age of three, dreams of becoming the youngest kitesurfing world champion and representing Thailand at the Olympic Games. From 2024, the extreme sport will become an Olympic class sport.

In Thailand, Russian tourists can both improve their kiteboarding skills at the resorts of Pattaya, Phuket and Hua Hin, and take their first lessons there.

Earlier, TourDom wrote that our compatriots often choose the island of Boracay in the Philippines for kiting.

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