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In Thailand, illegal guides from Russia are caught on water and on land

The Thai tourist police announced the arrest of illegal guides from Russia. At least three people were arrested in Phuket this week for not having a permit to operate. The fight against foreigners taking away jobs from locals in one of the main sectors in the kingdom is carried out regularly. True, there are also innovations.

Previously, guides were most actively checked on land near the main attractions, where the largest flow of tourists is observed. Now raids are regularly carried out on piers near boat stations, from where guests of the kingdom are sent on boat trips. So, the other day, law enforcement agencies detained a certain Andrei D. on Pak Phra beach, from where speedboats leave for Similan. Tourist police came by 8 am. The Russian did not have a work permit or a guide’s license.

Raids continue in more familiar places. Yulia Ch. was arrested near the Big Buddha statue. A fairly young 21-year-old foreigner was unable to provide the employees with any documentary evidence. confirmations the legality of their work. At Cape Promtep, the attention of the tourist police was attracted by 37-year-old Russian Yuri B.

All illegal immigrants were charged with illegal work. The fact of performing the duties of a guide was confirmed by operational filming. They face trial with further fines, deportation and a ban on entry into Thailand.

“Where do they all come from? It has long been known to everyone that working as a guide for a farang in Thailand is taboo. It’s very tough here,” they discuss what happened on social networks dedicated to life and travel in the kingdom.

To be fair, it should be said that representatives of many countries are caught working illegally as guides in the kingdom. In the last month alone, tourist police have reported arrests of illegal immigrants from the UK, Hong Kong and a number of other countries.

Earlier, TourDom.ru wrote that the Thai tourism industry is afraid of tourists from Russia after the visa-free period was extended.

Source: Tourdom



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