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Inexplicable, but true: taxi drivers in Sochi are not trying to make money from tourists due to bad weather

Interruptions in the operation of railway transport and the airport in Sochi due to bad weather forced some city guests to use the services of taxi drivers. Those, having no competition, take advantage of the situation not without pleasure.

Those who cannot get off the coast are offered to go, for example, to Krasnodar – there are more trains here. “They ask for 15 thousand for the trip. Or there are still options for 3 thousand per person, but you need to wait for fellow travelers to be found and the car to go full,” tourists write on social networks about their personal experience.

Another route is Minvody, the nearest working airport. Here the average tariff is 20 thousand rubles. Moreover, those who, for example, left their car at the Sochi airport before flying abroad are also forced to use it: “Our plane was redirected to the Mineralnye Vody. It was unknown when the weather would return to normal – as soon as they were released from the plane, many did not wait and went by taxi,” passengers say.

Those who have used similar services of local drivers before assure that prices have not changed much due to the disaster: “And without a landslide there was a flight from Sochi to Krasnodar. It turns out that the taxi drivers didn’t raise the price like brothers,” subscribers of the telegram channel discuss the news “Roof of the TourDom”.

Earlier, TourDom.ru wrote that due to Cyclone Vanya, taxi prices to Moscow airports have increased significantly.

Source: Tourdom



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