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Israel 2024: electronic permit could be a problem for tourists

The recent decision of the Israeli authorities to obtain a preliminary electronic permit to enter the country may complicate tourists’ plans for beach and sightseeing holidays this summer. To apply, you must provide a bank card, but Russian credit cards are not accepted in Israel. The editors have summarized the information about the features of entry in a short memo.

Instead of a visa to Israel – ETA-IL

For Russians in Israel it is valid visa-free entry with an unlimited number of visits, but not more than 90 days within six months. To cross the border you need a passport valid for 6 months after the intended departure, a return air ticket and confirmation of a hotel reservation. The officer has the right to inquire about the availability of funds and medical insurance. As the Israeli diplomatic service emphasized, the final decision on admission to the country is made by the Border Service.

From August 1, new rules for entry into Israel will be introduced for Russians – with the obligatory receipt of prior Electronic Travel Authorization. There are plans to begin the test period in July. The Israeli authorities propose in advance draw up ETA-IL on the online portal, the document is valid for 2 years. At the same time, tourists have already noted one difficulty – they must indicate the number of a bank card, the role of which is described as helping to identify the payment from the applicant. The service tariff was set at 25 shekels (about 600 rubles), including for children – parents fill out an application for them.

Tour operators warn their clients that it is possible to fill out Form 17L at Ben Gurion Airport and ask for an entry stamp on it. This measure is provided for tourists planning visit a number of Arab countries where a note in the passport about staying in Israel is undesirable.

Direct flights to Israel

Russia and Israel are connected by direct flights on planes of domestic and Israeli companies with departures from several cities.

Red Wings has a flight program on the Domodedovo-Tel Aviv route. The cost of the chair is from 70 thousand rubles. with luggage, for example, with departure on July 6 and back on the 20th. For the same dates they offer routes with connections, but taking into account luggage the prices are higher than those of the Russian carrier. When choosing a round trip, in particular for July 7–21, on flights of the Israeli airline EL AL, transportation of one passenger with luggage starts from 98 thousand rubles. Non-stop flights last 5.5–6 hours.

Red Wings planes also fly to Ben Gurion from St. Petersburg – travel time is about 8 hours. Again we looked at the departure on July 7 and back 2 weeks later – tickets were from 90 thousand rubles. with luggage. On routes with transfers and changing carriers, you can save several thousand rubles, and even more when traveling with hand luggage.

The direction Sochi – Ben Gurion is served by airliners of Azimut Airlines. Three-hour round-trip flights cost from 46 thousand rubles. with hand luggage up to 5 kg for the same dates July 7–21. For a suitcase weighing up to 23 kg they ask to pay an additional 15 thousand rubles.

You can also get from the airport in Adler to Tel Aviv on direct Red Wings flights. The reservation system offered tickets from 37 thousand rubles, plus for luggage – another 5.2 thousand rubles, with departure on July 9 and return on the 23rd.

The currency of Israel is the shekel.

Non-cash payment is developed in Israel and there are ATMs everywhere for withdrawing cash. For Russians, the problem is that any Russian cards, including UnionPay, do not work. For the trip, you need to stock up on Visa and MasterCard from foreign banks.

Dollars and euros are accepted at exchange offices, and it is better to check if they have additional fees. Currency is also changed in banks, where they charge a commission for the service. Another option is to find a post office. Tourists noted the reduced rates at Ben Gurion Airport and the opportunity to pay for a taxi to the city with the same dollars.

In public places they advise paying in cash in shops to get discounts. They also remind you that small retail outlets run by Muslims are usually closed on Friday, Jews have a day off on Saturday, and Christians have a day off on Sunday.

On social networks, private money changers offer their services, accepting non-cash rubles on Russian cards and issuing local banknotes. At the beginning of June, the exchange rate was 24–25 rubles. per shekel, which corresponds to the weighted average quotes.

Earlier, TourDom wrote that the Israeli authorities declared the country safe for tourists, and the Russian Foreign Ministry called for monitoring the situation in the region.

Source: Tourdom



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